February 2022

Battle of the Coral Sea

Take two stalwart ships of the pacific conflict duke it out this month!
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Competition Ships

Base XP

A rather large ship for her type. As compared to her predecessors, the ship was much better armed owing to more efficient artillery mounts and a successful arrangement of novel quintuple torpedo tubes.

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The first Japanese cruiser built after the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 came into force. Unlike foreign Treaty Cruisers, Myoko’s armor was good enough to withstand artillery strikes from ships of the same type. One of the features of the project was well-developed torpedo protection. Following a series of upgrades, cruisers of this class got a substantially reinforced AA and torpedo armament.

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The Battle of The Coral Sea

Each month, WoWS Builds hosts a competition that challenges you to put up big numbers. Two ships are selected, one for Damage, one for Base XP. Score highest in each ship, and you'll get rewarded with some excellent prizes.

This month, we're featuring to ships who's real life counterparts had a big role in the naval war in the Pacific.

Benson is a favorite tech tree destroyer for many thanks to her well balanced approach to destroyer gameplay. Benson gets longer range torpedoes that allows you more complete area denial, plus hard hitting guns for any enemy destroyers pushing the boundaries. Plus, you have that great American smoke screen to back you up in sticky situations.

Myoko is the Damage pick this month, and she can pose a challenge to some players. She does have 10 guns and a decent loadout of torps, so landing shots on target shouldn't be a challenge. As of the start of this competition, the damage record sits at just over 200K – can you top that record this month?

Read below for more info about how Champions works, and how to participate.

How It Works

  1. During the month of the series, take you the competition ships as much as you want. If you have a stellar game, take a screenshot of the battle results, and upload it using the appropriate button on this page.
  2. Leaderboards will update automatically, and we'll verify the results throughout the month.
  3. At the end of month, we'll tally up the winners and post the fully leaderboard publicly.


  1. Submitted games must take place in a Standard Battle (No Versus A.I., Arena, Ranked, etc.)
  2. Submissions are open until Midnight on the final day of the month
  3. Submitted games must take place in the month of the competition. In other words, the date displayed in the top lefthand corner of your submission MUST be from the current month.
  4. You can submit as many games as you like, but we'll only accept your highest score for both Base XP and Damage competitions
  5. You must have a WoWS Builds account to participate (Create one free here)
  6. Your proof screenshot must be unaltered, and display the required information laid out below

Base XP Proof Requirements

Tip: Take a screenshot of the "Team Result" or " Economy" tab. In order to validate a Base XP submission, we need to see:

  1. Your Username
  2. Date of the Battle
  3. Standard Battle
  4. Base XP Score
  5. This month's selected Base XP Ship
Here is an example of a perfect submission for Base XP

Damage Proof Requirements

Tip: Take a screenshot of the "Personal" tab. In order to validate a Damage submission, we need to see:

  1. Your Username
  2. Date of the Battle
  3. Standard Battle
  4. Total Damage
  5. This month's selected Damage Ship
Here is an example of a good submission for Damage


First Place

VI Gorizia

The First Place finisher in both Damage and Base XP competitions will receive a VI Gorizia

Second Place

5,000 Doubloons

Second place finishers will receive 5,000 doubloons added to their account.

Third Place

10,000,000 Credits

Third place finishers will receive 10 Million credits added to their account.

Participant Prize Pool

Not only do the outright winners get rewarded, but by entering the competition, you'll be in the running to win a randomly select prize. Enter in the Damage competition to receive one (1) entry, and enter in the Base XP competition to receive one (1) entry. Prize Pool:

  • 1x 2,500 Doubloons
  • 1x 2,500 Doubloons
  • 1x 5M Credits
  • 1x 5M Credits


Participating and winning places in the competition grants you unique badges that you collect on your WoWS Builds profile. Check out this competition's badges below!

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