July 2021

Inaugural Champions Contest

Compete in the first Champions Series and win VI Florida!
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Competition Ships

Base XP

At Tier IV Omaha is surprisingly powerful in the gun department, boasting a high number of guns and extremely good turret angles, it also allows you to remain bow on while firing a decent amount of guns. Omaha excels with its AP and her surprisingly good HE is enough to deter all classes at range.

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She became the final phase in the development of conventional battleships that featured very heavy armor protection for the vitally important parts of a ship. Key differences from her predecessors were her 406 mm main guns and a novel torpedo protection system. In terms of speed, she was outclassed by other battleships of her time.

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Welcome to the Inaugural Month of the WoWS Builds: Champions!

Each month, WoWS Builds will host a competition that challenges you to put up big numbers. Two ships are selected, one for Damage, one for Base XP. Score highest in each ship, and you can get rewarded with some excellent prizes.

This month, we're challenging you to take out IV Omaha and VI Colorado to prove your skills. If you find yourself on top of the leaderboard, we'll send you a free premium – VI Florida!

Read below for more info about how Champions works, and how to participate.

How It Works

  1. During the month of July, take out IV Omaha and VI Colorado as much as you want. If you have a stellar game, take a screenshot of the battle results, and upload it using the appropriate button on this page.
  2. Each week, we'll update the leaderboards so you can see who is on top. But, we'll only show a portion of the top score, so there's still some guesswork!
  3. At the end of month, we'll tally up the winners and post the fully leaderboard publicly.


  1. Submitted games must take place in a Random Battle (No Versus A.I., Arena, etc.)
  2. Submissions are open from Midnight, July 1 - Midnight, July 31
  3. Submitted games must take place in the month of the competition, July 2021
  4. You can submit as many games as you like, but we'll only accept your highest score for both Base XP and Damage competitions
  5. You must have a WoWS Builds account to participate (Create one free here)
  6. You proof screenshot must be unaltered, and display the required information laid out below

Base XP Proof Requirements

Tip: Take a screenshot of the "Team Result" or " Economy" tab. In order to validate a Base XP submission, we need to see:

  1. Your Username
  2. Date of the Battle
  3. Standard Battle
  4. Base XP Score
  5. IV Omaha
Here is an example of a perfect submission for Base XP

Damage Proof Requirements

Tip: Take a screenshot of the "Personal" tab. In order to validate a Base XP submission, we need to see:

  1. Your Username
  2. Date of the Battle
  3. Standard Battle
  4. Total Damage
  5. VI Colorado
Here is an example of a good submission for Damage


First Place

VI Florida

The First Place finisher in both Damage and Base XP competitions will receive Battleship Florida as their reward.

Second Place

2,500 Dubloons

Second place finishers will receive 2,500 dubloons added to their account. Your next campaign is free!

Third Place

2,500,000 Credits

Third place finishers will receive 2.5M credits added to their account.


Participating and winning places in the competition grants you unique badges that you collect on your WoWS Builds profile. Check out this competition's badges below!

Learn More

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