Rating Tracker

Earlier this year, we introduced a Personal Rating calculator masterminded by community member PapaNikoLis.

After thousands of submissions and much development work – we're ready to take personal ratings to the next level.

To date, you could only get a point-in-time view of your rating. Now, you'll be able to track your historic and future progress right on your WoWS Builds profile. And, it'll be as easy as uploading a screenshot to update your rating.

Upload a screenshot of your stats screen and we'll automatically get all the relevant data
Your rating is tracked based on how many battles you've played
Get deeper in your stats with recent play analysis and more trends to come!

Get access to the beta!

Before a full release of this new feature and interface, we're going to be running a short beta test to work out the final kinks.

To get access to the rating tracker tool, just hit the button below to apply. We'll send you an email with instructions on how to use the tool, and give feedback!

P.S. – If you are a supporting member of the site, you already have access to the new tool. As always – thanks for your support!

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