VII Azuma
VII Azuma

A powerful high-speed ship (Project B-65) designed to destroy American heavy cruisers and confront Alaska-class "large cruisers". Some design solutions were borrowed from Yamato-class battleships. She was armed with nine 310 mm guns and had good anti-torpedo protection.

Max Salvo
HE Alpha Strike
AP Alpha Strike
Fire/Salvo Chance
Torpedo Reaction Time


Hit Points
Torpedo Reduction


Torpedo Bombers
Cruise Speed
Max Speed
Attack Unit
Squadron Size
Detectability Range
Aircraft On Deck
Restoration Time
Torpedo Damage
Torpedo Speed
Torpedo Range
Dive Bombers
Cruise Speed
Max Speed
Attack Unit
Squadron Size
Detectability Range
Aircraft On Deck
Restoration Time
Bomb Damage
Bomb Fire Chance


Main Battery
Firing Range
Reload Time
180º Turn Time
HE Max Damage
HE Fire Chance
AP Max Damage
Reload Time
Max Damage
Detectability Range
Secondary Battery 1
Firing Range
Reload Time
Max Damage
HE Fire Chance
Secondary Battery 2
Firing Range
Reload Time
Max Damage
HE Fire Chance

Anti-Aircraft Armament

Set 1
Firing Range
Set 2
Firing Range
Set 3
Firing Range
Set 4
Firing Range


Max Speed
Turning Circle
Rudder Shift


Smoke Firing
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IJN Azuma

A ship with a weird niche and playstyle that translates into a somewhat muted threat. You'll struggle until you learn how to capitalize on her slow and tactful approaches.


It's v .3.9. and the final week of the Origin of Wisdom Campaign which rewards Mainz for completion. Azuma was originally available for her own campaign but has since disappeared. Azuma is a GOOD ship, with a HIGH skill floor and a HIGH skill ceiling. Azuma is quite situational but is similarly quite capable.


Originally in the late 1930's and designated Project B-64, the design was to incorporate large guns on a fairly large and mobile cruiser to strike at enemy cruiser and destroyers, exposing vulnerabilities in the enemies' fleet to allow torpedo strikes on larger capital ships. By the early 1940's, the design had resurfaced and redesignated as B-65. The design was intended to displace 35,000t, be capable of 34 knots, while carrying 9x310mm main battery. By 1942, the design incorporated a focus on anti-aircraft capabilities, and to counter other large cruiser designs.

The design was never formally named, nor built.


  • 310mm Main Battery
  • 30s Fire Duration
  • Great Gunnery Performance
  • Wonderful AA Suite
  • Strong Healing Potential


  • 27mm Plating
  • GIANT Citadel
  • Horrible Armor
  • Large Profile
  • Huge Turn Radius

The Basics

Azuma is deceiving in so many ways it can be almost hard to grasp. She's tanky and resilient without any armor. She prefers ambush tactics with concealment through smash and run approaches. With 310mm Main Battery Azuma has a very hefty punch, and wonderful gunnery characteristics that facilitate effective fire at any range. Azuma's armor is best described as non-existent and will eat full penetrations from most things larger than her in her tier spread (which is a lot). However, Azuma sacrifices quite a lot in terms of armor, Azuma has the best EHP of any cruiser by a W I D E margin and in turn has the ability to dev strike any ship in her class.

I will footnote here; this ship is one with a pretty tricky playstyle and takes a fairly skilled hand. Azuma is not quite the kiter found on other versions; however, she retains her wonderful battery compliment and acquires a strong AA defense.

Contrary to most kiting strategies, Azuma has a large profile, non-existent armor, and has a turn radius wider than the moon's orbit. This ship is also very vulnerable to plunging fire, and her decking, just like her accessory armor, is over-matchable. An Azuma without cover is very vulnerable.

The art of this ship rests in mid-range "appearing out of thin air" on your opponent's flanks. Azuma cannot tolerate direct fire for very long. Though Azuma has amongst the strongest healing potential of any cruiser, she does not have the best repair percentages. While she will heal back generous portions of fire damage, Azuma will struggle to heal more substantive issues.



Azuma sports some pretty solid offensive qualities, though she is quite limited by her armor scheme and design. Azuma lacks torpedoes and has 16x100mm dual purpose secondary battery that sports inadequate penetration capabilities to deal with in close threats. They will pen 16mm, however, this largely excludes targets in your own tier.

Stock Main Battery Range

  • Sigfried: 17.1
  • Riga: 16.1
  • Bagration: 16
  • Chapayev: 16
  • Kutuzov: 16
  • Hipper: 15.8
  • Martel: 15.8
  • Azuma: 15.8
  • P. Eugen: 15.8
  • Mainz: 15.8
  • Ochakov: 15.5
  • Baltimore: 15.5
  • AL Balti: 15.5
  • Wichita: 15.5
  • Albemarle: 15.5
  • Amalfi: 15.4
  • Mogami: 15.3
  • Suzuya: 15.3
  • Edinburgh: 15.3
  • Cleveland: 15.3
  • Atago: 14.7

Azuma leans above average here with a very tight pack. She will respond somewhat well with commander skills or equipment.

HE Alpha Strike

  • Azuma: 4500
  • Sigfried: 4400
  • Albemarle: 3300
  • Atago: 3300
  • Mogami: 3300
  • Amalfi: 3100
  • *Riga: 3050
  • Baltimore: 3000
  • Martel: 2800
  • AL Balti: 2800
  • Wichita: 2800
  • Hipper: 2700
  • Suzuya: 2700
  • Bagration: 2500
  • P. Eugen: 2500
  • Chapayev: 2300
  • Cleveland: 2300
  • Kutuzov: 2200
  • Ochakov: 2200
  • Mainz: 1700
  • Edinburgh: 0

Individually, Azuma has the punchiest HE shells in her tier.

HE Broadside Weight

  • Azuma: 40,500
  • Suzuya: 40,500
  • Mogami: 33,000
  • Atago: 33,000
  • Albemarle: 27,900
  • Amalfi: 27,900
  • Chapayev: 27,600
  • Cleveland: 27,600
  • Riga: 27,450
  • Baltimore: 27,000
  • Sigfried: 26,400
  • Kutuzov: 26,400
  • Martel: 25,200
  • AL Balti: 25,200
  • Wichita: 25,200
  • Bagration: 22,500
  • Hipper: 21,600
  • P. Eugen: 20,000
  • Mainz: 20,400
  • Ochakov: 17,600
  • Edinburgh: 0

Tied here for the heaviest HE salvo, Azuma and Suzuya. Azuma reloads in 20 seconds for 9 shells, and Suzuya in 10 for 15.

Kit Shells per Minute

  • Cleveland: 126
  • Mainz: 120
  • Edinburgh: 109
  • Kutuzov: 102
  • Suzuya: 90
  • Chapayev: 90
  • Ochakov: 82
  • AL Balti: 55.6
  • Martel: 54
  • Wichita: 54
  • Baltimore: 50.9
  • Bagration: 49
  • Hipper: 47.5
  • Albemarle: 43.2
  • Atago: 42
  • Mogami: 40
  • Amalfi: 38.2
  • P. Eugen: 36.9
  • Riga: 34.8
  • Azuma: 23.5
  • Sigfried: 14
  1. Ships equipped for DPM: Edinburgh, Azuma, Hipper, Atago, Cleveland, AL Baltimore, Kutuzov.
  2. Ships equipped for Range: Baltimore, Mogami, Suzuya, Albemarle, Mainz, Eugen, Martel, Chapayev, Riga, Amalfi, Bagration.
  3. Equipment only, no commander skills.
  4. Kitting Azuma for DPM, combined with commander skills will give you 27/min for shell count, and yes, allows you to almost fire off a full salvo more a minute.

Fire Chance %

  • Sigfried: 34
  • Azuma: 27
  • Albemarle: 17
  • Atago: 17
  • Mogami: 17
  • Amalfi: 15
  • Martel: 15
  • Riga: 14
  • Baltimore: 14
  • AL Balti: 14
  • Wichita: 14
  • Cleveland: 13
  • P. Eugen: 13
  • Hipper: 13
  • Bagration: 13
  • Chapayev: 12
  • Kutuzov: 12
  • Ochakov: 12
  • Suzuya: 11
  • Mainz: 8
  • Edinburgh: 0

Finally, Azuma has an excellent fire chance. Somewhere near the 270% per salvo.

Azuma sports a unique secondary battery in the sense that she has dual purpose guns with somewhat useable dispersion and reload values.


  • 52mm Main Battery HE Pen
  • 52mm AP Arming Threshold
  • 836m/s Muzzle Velocity
  • Excellent Air Drag Values
  • Weak Krupp Values
  • 0.033s Fuse Timer
  • 50o Potential Ricochet Angle
  • 60o Guaranteed Ricochet Angle
  • Battlecruiser Dispersion
  • 16mm Secondary Battery HE Pen

All this means, is that Azuma has very well-rounded gunnery. Azuma holding cruiser-based gun characteristics while having battleship caliber guns is inarguably strong. Azuma is able to score HE penetrations on the vast majority of targets in her tier. Furthermore, Azuma has some punchy AP that is more than capable of drilling into vital parts of your opponents.

Azuma's AP is funky, it has some slightly better than normal ricochet angles. However, low Krupp values translate into weaker penetrative forces. Ballistically speaking, the shells are pretty quick but not fast, and have wonderful drag properties resulting in amazingly smooth flight. 52mm arming threshold is thicker than most cruisers, and with a longer than average shell fuse times, translates into the shell needing more armor to arm, while taking longer to detonate.

Be warned, though Azuma may have good penetration values, her guns are smaller than most battleships which thick angled targets can be problematic. This is why Azuma prefers to pick her engagements wisely, and largely on distracted targets. Azuma has some pretty agreeable firing angles but be weary her armor will let you down if you try to depend on it incorrectly.

Now, let's take a moment of silence for the only Japanese Cruiser in World of Warships without torpedoes.

Torpedo Alpha Strike

  • Chapayev: 17,933
  • Mogami: 17,233
  • Suzuya: 17,233
  • Martel: 15,833
  • Edinburgh: 15,533
  • Albemarle: 15,533
  • Atago: 15,300
  • Ochakov: 15,100
  • Kutuzov: 14,400
  • Bagration: 14,400
  • Sigfried: 13,700
  • P. Eugen: 13,700
  • Mainz: 13,700
  • Hipper: 13,700
  • Amalfi: 12,667
  • Azuma: 0
  • Baltimore: 0
  • Cleveland: 0
  • AL Balti: 0
  • Wichita: 0
  • Riga: 0

This is such a painful way to cap off an almost otherwise wonderful offensive category. Azuma has really great main battery, and secondary battery that is more than capable of handling destroyers that wander too close.



I'll be honest. This defensive metric was put to the test here. Azuma has lackluster armor at best, excellent AA, Excellent HP and EHP, and sonar.

Base Health Pool

  • Sigfried: 55,500
  • Azuma: 52,500
  • P. Eugen: 45,000
  • Hipper: 43,800
  • Amalfi: 42,800
  • Mainz: 42,500
  • Baltimore: 42,400
  • AL Balti: 42,400
  • Bagration: 42,000
  • *Riga: 42,000
  • Kutuzov: 40,700
  • Atago: 40,100
  • Albemarle: 39,400
  • Mogami: 39,100
  • Suzuya: 38,000
  • Martel: 38,000
  • Wichita: 37,900
  • Chapayev: 37,000
  • Cleveland: 36,900
  • Edinburgh: 36,400
  • Ochakov: 34,730

2nd overall on the HP chart second only to Sigfried.

Effective Health Pool

  • Azuma: 86,184
  • Sigfried: 73,980
  • Albemarle: 70,880
  • Baltimore: 65,624
  • AL Balti: 65,624
  • Edinburgh: 65,480
  • Amalfi: 60,692
  • P. Eugen: 60,120
  • Hipper: 58,472
  • Mainz: 56,780
  • Bagration: 56,112
  • *Riga: 56,112
  • Atago: 54,440
  • Kutuzov: 54,364
  • Mogami: 52,204
  • Chapayev: 51,504
  • Suzuya: 50,768
  • Wichita: 50,612
  • Martel: 48,584
  • Cleveland: 47,204
  • Ochakov: 46,378

This is kind of what I was pointing out here, the numbers are simple, but the more they stack, the better they turn out. Azuma turns out with the best-in-class EHP due to her heal and HP.

Armor Layout:

  • 27mm Plating
  • 32mm Aft Decking
  • 27mm Side Plating
  • 27mm Casemate
  • 213mm-205mm Citadel Belt
  • 125mm Citadel Roof
  • LARGE Above Water Citadel

Azuma's thickest armor is on her turrets, by a margin of over 100mm. Act accordingly, this ship is absolutely a glass cannon.

Azuma only burns for 30s like most cruisers, this is atypical, and she normally faces battlecruiser/ship (60s) fire duration on other platforms. Sigfried, like Azuma only burns for 30s.

The conclusion here is that Azuma is somewhat average defensively, owing mostly to her impressive E/HP values. I can only say so much, this ship has a very limited ability to defend against incoming fire.

Anti-Air Suite


Anti-Air Suite Average Damage per Second

  • Baltimore: 365
  • AL Balti: 365
  • Cleveland: 363
  • Mainz: 357
  • Sigfried: 354
  • Azuma: 342
  • Hipper: 288
  • Bagration: 280
  • P. Eugen: 279
  • Kutuzov: 264
  • Edinburgh: 263
  • Riga: 262
  • Amalfi: 240
  • Wichita: 217
  • Albemarle: 211
  • Chapayev: 207
  • Martel: 204
  • Ochakov: 196
  • Mogami: 127
  • Atago: 90
  • Suzuya: 67

This is where having ARP Takao comes in hand, her base inspiration will push Azuma's AA to 361/s, sitting just behind the American No-Fly Zones. Azuma is vulnerable to Aircraft detection, though she will make very quick work of squads that get too close.



Overall, this is going to be more cumulatively weak than strong, though it should be noted that she does cruise pretty quickly.

Max Base Speed

  • Amalfi: 38.1
  • Ochakov: 36
  • Chapayev: 35.5
  • Atago: 35.5
  • Bagration: 35.5
  • Azuma: 35
  • Riga: 34.5
  • Mogami: 34.5
  • Suzuya: 34.5
  • Martel: 33.5
  • Sigfried: 33.5
  • Wichita: 33.5
  • Mainz: 33
  • Albemarle: 33
  • Cleveland: 33
  • Kutuzov: 33
  • Edinburgh: 32.5
  • Baltimore: 32.5
  • AL Balti: 32.5
  • P. Eugen: 32
  • Hipper: 32

In terms of speed, Azuma isn't bad but she's not exactly quick off the line.

Turn Radius (m)

  • Azuma: 920
  • Riga: 920
  • Bagration: 890
  • Chapayev: 890
  • Sigfried: 880
  • Atago: 790
  • P. Eugen: 770
  • Kutuzov: 760
  • Mogami: 750
  • Suzuya: 750
  • Ochakov: 750
  • Hipper: 740
  • Baltimore: 730
  • AL Balti: 730
  • Mainz: 720
  • Albemarle: 720
  • Martel: 690
  • Edinburgh: 680
  • Amalfi: 680
  • Wichita: 680
  • Cleveland: 660

920m turn radius is just awful. No other way to put it.

Stock Rudder Shift (s)

  • Sigfried: 14
  • Azuma: 12.3
  • *Riga: 11.5
  • Amalfi: 11
  • Albemarle: 10.7
  • Bagration: 10.5
  • Mainz: 10.5
  • P. Eugen: 9.8
  • Hipper: 9.7
  • Martel: 8.9
  • Chapayev: 8.7
  • Edinburgh: 8.6
  • Atago: 8.1
  • Ochakov: 7.4
  • Cleveland: 7.2
  • Baltimore: 7
  • AL Balti: 7
  • Kutuzov: 6.5
  • Mogami: 6.4
  • Wichita: 6
  • Suzuya: 5.6

Azuma is a large cruiser with really heavy guns. At 35 knots, Azuma will generally outrun things that are bigger than her and out-gun things that are smaller. That's about the only real positive here, other than a reasonably quick top speed. Azuma is a big ship; she handles like so and she does not accelerate quickly.



12.1km fresh out the box, 10.9km equipped and can be brought down to below 10km with maxed concealment. Thats scary for something with 310mm guns. Technically, this number lays right near the average, but considering you are bringing 310mm to the party, I'd say that warrants a bit more of a nudge up.

Surface Concealment

  • Riga: 13.1
  • Chapayev: 12.9
  • Kutuzov: 12
  • Sigfried: 11.8
  • P. Eugen: 11.7
  • Mainz: 11.8
  • Hipper: 11.6
  • Martel: 11.6
  • Ochakov: 11.4
  • Cleveland: 11.3
  • Mogami: 11.1
  • Azuma: 10.9
  • Albemarle: 10.9
  • Bagration: 10.8
  • Edinburgh: 10.8
  • Atago: 10.6
  • Baltimore: 10.5
  • AL Balti: 10.5
  • Wichita: 10.4
  • Suzuya: 10.2
  • Amalfi: 9.2

Not bad considering Azuma out-spots the only other battlecruiser in her tier by a full kilometer.

Air Concealment

  • Riga: 8.2
  • Sigfried: 8
  • Kutuzov: 7.8
  • Chapayev: 7.7
  • Ochakov: 7.5
  • Bagration: 7.5
  • P. Eugen: 7.4
  • Mainz: 7.4
  • Hipper: 7.3
  • Martel: 7.3
  • Azuma: 6.9
  • Baltimore: 6.8
  • Cleveland: 6.8
  • AL Balti: 6.8
  • Atago: 6.6
  • Mogami: 6.6
  • Suzuya: 6.6
  • Edinburgh: 6.5
  • Albemarle: 6.5
  • Wichita: 6.5
  • Amalfi: 5.8

This is sort of Azuma's Achilles' Heel. She is a very large ship with a large profile, and as such can be seen easily from space. It's only fair that her air concealment would be average. That's not the punishing part, however. The punishment is in the fact that your AA reach is 5km and pushing it out means giving up something important. Aircraft, or rather, smart aircraft, will use this near 2km buffer zone to keep Azuma dangerously detected, without being able to remove the threat. Azuma is frail, and as such her best defense is concealment.

It just sounds so weird to write, but that's what the numbers say. Azuma, concealed.



This is one of Azuma's big strengths, is that she gets a good heal, with average percentages, but extra with an extra charge and a fast 30s reload. Azuma is capable of regenerating this health inside of 2 minutes.

Repair Party Values

  • Albemarle: (35,000)
  • Azuma: (315/s x28s) x3 = (33,684)
  • Edinburgh: (29,080)
  • Sigfried: (18,480)
  • P. Eugen: (15,120)
  • Hipper: (14,672)
  • Chapayev: (14,504)
  • Mainz: (14,280)
  • Baltimore: (14,224)
  • AL Balti: (14,224)
  • Riga: (14,112)
  • Bagration: (14,112)
  • Kutuzov: (13,664)
  • Atago: (13,440)
  • Mogami: (13,104)
  • Suzuya: (12,768)
  • Wichita: (12,712)
  • Amalfi: (11,928)
  • Ochakov: (11,648)
  • Cleveland: (10,304)
  • Martel: (10,080)

Akin to the other Imperial Japanese Cruisers, Azuma comes with an extra charge of the patrol fighter consumable. Features the same 100s duration, with 80s reload. The perk here is this comes with an extra charge totaling 3 base charges.

Azuma, likewise, is as well equipped with the standard 3.3/4.4km hydroacoustic search that is found on every cruiser in this tier (except Amalfi). Comes standard with a 96s duration and 180s reload and a pair of charges.


AL Atago: Definitely save her for Suzuya or Atago. The fire potential may be tempting, but Azuma just does not put enough shells in the sky for this trade-off to be remotely worth it.

  • Death from Below: -200m Torpedo Concealment
  • Beyond Range: +10% Gun Range
  • Arsonist: +8% Fire Chance, +10% HE Alpha, +10% Incoming Damage
  • Sponge: -5% Incoming Damage, +15% Armaments HP, -15% Armaments Repair
  • Fixated: +5% Sigma, -5% Dispersion
  • Refill Station: -10% Gun Reload

ARP Takao: She is the go-to here for Azuma, though essentially the same skill set as AL Atago, with some minor twists that play heavily into Azuma's hand more-so than Atago's. Creates a build with Azuma that sports a 30% fire chance, 17.4km reach, 20s reload, 361/s AA DPS, and a 10.3km concealment. Pair with Mikawa's Clandestine (-6% Concealment) and B.D. Lightful's Phantom Bane (-3% Reload, -12% Detectability after firing) though other inspirations could include Norman Scott, or Nikolay Kuznetsov. The important perk is concealment, the second choice is yours, whether it be for reload, range or sigma.

  • Toss and Turn: +5% AA DPS, -3% Rudder Shift
  • Beyond Range: +10% Gun Range
  • Igniter: +3% Fire Chance
  • Punch Through: +10% AP Damage, +6% AP Pen
  • Fixated: -5% Dispersion, +5% Sigma
  • Refill Station: -10% Gun Reload

Mikawa Gunichi: I generally save Mikawa for really low concealment values and being super sneaky. Theoretically, Azuma can be sneaky with her concealment numbers, and she does well in the Strike, Kill then Vanish routine. This build gives Azuma mid 9km Concealment, with a near 40 knot top speed, and almost 100k of EHP. This is trickier to use but is probably one of the stronger versions of Azuma. Pair with Swirski and his inspiration, and then consider adding Norman Scott and his perks. Another noteable and nice perk, is adding another heal.

  • Clandestine: -6% to detection
  • Ingenious: +1.6o/s Turret Traverse, -7% Splash Damage
  • Full Speed Ahead: +5% Speed, -10% Rudder Shift
  • Velocious: +5% Speed
  • Steer Clear: -7% Rudder Shift/Repair time
  • Fully Packed: +1 Consumables, -5% Consumable Reload

Yamamoto Isoroku: Save for Atago or Mogami. If you have neither Atago or Takao, Isoroku has the same base skill sets as either choice and he is available for free. Yamamoto also comes with fully packed, meaning he can take an extra charge of consumables into battles. More heals, is generally a solid argument here.

Heihachiro Togo: He could work, but you definitely have some better options here.


  • Azuma is a premium ship and does not have any upgrades.


  • Slot 1: Aiming Systems Mod 1
  1. The key takeaway here is -7% to main battery dispersion, just like most cases.
  • Slot 2: Damage Control Systems Mod 2
  1. There's probably an argument to be heard for steering gears, but Azuma is frankly a planet so while this helps in theory it still won't shave off that enormous 920m turn radius. Trust me, this is the best mod for this slot, fires and floods are generally your biggest threat when played correctly.
  • Slot 3: Concealment Mod 1
  1. -10% to concealment for obvious reasons, this is a glass cannon. Part of the Art of Azuma is learning how to appear on your opponent's flank out of nowhere. This ship is not a kiter.
  • Slot 4: Main Battery Mod 3
  1. I tend to lean hard on the "Strike, Kill, then Vanish" philosophy with Azuma, as such, one will tend to find themselves in ranges where reload is more important than additional reach or improved dispersion. -5% to Gun Reload.


  • Azuma is not featured in any bureau projects.



Oh no, it's an Azuma! This ship is quite frail, and this is what holds her back from better ratings. Her gunnery is wonderful, but her armor is crap. Her HP and EHP values are quite lovely, and her AA is pretty reliable. This is a ship with a weird niche and playstyle that translates into a somewhat muted threat. Most will struggle behind this ship, until they learn how to capitalize on her slow and tactful approaches.

That being said. Azuma can punch quite hard. There are many situations where Azuma might be able to shine if she were kit with torpedoes, but her gunnery is more than able to keep up the work the torpedoes leave behind. Azuma faces a fairly similar niche to Alaska in some regards, minus access to radar and much better DPM.

Azuma hits much harder than the vast majority of her same tier class spread, and as such, has the ability to bully them at will in certain situations. In terms of cruisers alone, Azuma is probably one of the tougher ships; but once battleships or destroyers are factored in, Azuma starts to tumble down the rankings.

Similarly, if in the competitive circuit, Azuma finds herself in situations where Battleships are omitted or restricted, Azuma would likely top the cards, otherwise, Azuma finds herself as much of a port queen in the comp scene. Random battles find themselves similarly in situations where Azuma can both be a wonderful asset or a total liability, and very much this lays in the capability of the captain, maybe more so than the average ship.

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