★ Khabarovsk
★ Khabarovsk

The ship was designed as a destroyer flotilla leader. No destroyer in the world could rival her in terms of speed, while her armour and the power of her artillery were comparable to those of light cruisers. Dual-purpose main guns and a battery of automatic AA guns ensured a strong AA defence.

Max Salvo
HE Alpha Strike
AP Alpha Strike
Fire/Salvo Chance
Torpedo Reaction Time


Hit Points
Torpedo Reduction


Torpedo Bombers
Cruise Speed
Max Speed
Attack Unit
Squadron Size
Detectability Range
Aircraft On Deck
Restoration Time
Torpedo Damage
Torpedo Speed
Torpedo Range
Dive Bombers
Cruise Speed
Max Speed
Attack Unit
Squadron Size
Detectability Range
Aircraft On Deck
Restoration Time
Bomb Damage
Bomb Fire Chance


Main Battery
Firing Range
Reload Time
180º Turn Time
HE Max Damage
HE Fire Chance
AP Max Damage
Reload Time
Max Damage
Detectability Range
Secondary Battery 1
Firing Range
Reload Time
Max Damage
HE Fire Chance
Secondary Battery 2
Firing Range
Reload Time
Max Damage
HE Fire Chance

Anti-Aircraft Armament

Set 1
Firing Range
Set 2
Firing Range
Set 3
Firing Range
Set 4
Firing Range


Max Speed
Turning Circle
Rudder Shift


Smoke Firing
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An excellent all-around package which conveniently threads the line between classes

On a continuation of Legendary Tier Reviews during the very final days of v 3.10. This review encompasses the last Legendary Tier Destroyer to review, this one On a continuation of Legendary Tier Reviews during the very final days of v 3.10. This review encompasses the last Legendary Tier Destroyer to review, this one hailing from the USSR, Khabarovsk. Khabarovsk keeps her Gun-Heavy playstyle from her other translations. Khabarovsk is a GOOD ship, with a HIGH skill floor and an EXTREME skill ceiling.

As a reminder, Legendary Tier ships are not considered Premium Ships and as such are subject to balance changes.

Captains, you will see the current customized LT metric which includes a pair of lists, one short featuring just LT, and a larger list which incorporates LT and Tier VII. This ship was not given to me for review, I acquired Khabarovsk after completing her bureau project.


Designed in 1936 and designated Project 47, the design studied a concept of an armored flotilla leader featuring dual purpose 130mm (5.1in.) main battery. The design was intended to weigh 4500t but was never built.


  • Long Range Gunnery
  • Excellent Top Speed
  • Stealthy Torpedoes
  • God-Tier EHP
  • Flank Artist


  • Sluggish
  • Clumsy
  • Horrid Concealment
  • Chunky
  • Easy Target

The Basics

Da, comrade.

Khabarovsk is a ship with an identity crisis, which seems to be somewhat of a common trait amongst the flotilla leaders, large destroyers who cusp class designations. Names and labels are just superficial things though; and some of these in-between designs tend to be amongst the most effective warships in their spreads.

This assessment is not limited to just solely destroyers either, but rather notable ships such as Chadlaska, Stalinchad, Chadbler, Tallinchad, Le Fantachad, and of course, Schadhorst. Every single one of those class cusping chads brings the ability to counter more than one class. Alaska is brutal, Stalingrad is a nuisance, Kleber a monster, Tallinn a brute, Fantasque a ghost, and Scharnhorst, one of the more timeless brawlers accessible since early in the game on all versions.

Khabarovsk is no different.

Khaba more or less forfeits the traditional destroyer roles in order to bully them; and leans significantly more on the cruiser light side of engagements while handling like a T7 battleship. Khabarovsk is the one traditional destroyer, with completely non-traditional playstyles and builds frequently out-right forgoing concealment altogether. Khabarovsk is undoubtedly a flank artist, with a panache for taunting large targets at range and speed, who will struggle to hit her back. While being the second fastest ship in the game, Khaba is also quite capable on landing those vodka-fueled drive-by torpedo dumps that obliterate anything unfortunate enough to be caught off-guard.

Khaba is fun, until you have to try to turn.



This iteration of Khabarovsk is undoubtedly the strongest amongst her other translations elsewhere. From PC to Legends, Khaba keeps much of her main battery stats, however, has some noteworthy changes. While these changes are minor on the whole, it's worth pointing out that she is still one of the stronger ships in contention on Legends.

Main Battery Range

  • Khabarovsk: 12.3
  • Kleber: 11
  • Gearing: 10.7
  • Shimakaze: 10.7

PC Khabarovsk stock gun range rests at 11.24km, meaning Khabarovsk adds a full km of utility here. To be fair, she needs this to be successful.

Main Battery Range

  • Khabarovsk: 12.3
  • Hsienyang: 11.5
  • Paolo Emilio: 11.4
  • Udaloi: 11
  • Le Fantasque: 11
  • Kleber: 11
  • Akizuki: 11
  • Tashkent: 10.9
  • Friesland: 10.9
  • ZF-6: 10.8
  • Lightning: 10.8
  • Lo Yang: 10.8
  • Shimakaze: 10.7
  • Yudachi: 10.7
  • Gearing: 10.7
  • Z-23 15cm: 10.6
  • Kagero: 10.6
  • Fletcher: 10

12.3 is a card topping best and helps push Khaba out. Granted, there are less such available skills to buff out range on Legends as there are on PC, this is still a HEFTY 0.8km ahead of the rest of the pack. Most of the statistical bell-curves found on Legends are SIGNIFICANTLY narrower, even at the flanges.

Shell Diameter

  • Kleber: 139
  • Khabarovsk: 130
  • Gearing: 127
  • Shimakaze: 127

With 130mm, Khabarovsk rests on the top edge of normal.

Main Battery Reload

  • Gearing: 3
  • Khabarovsk: 5
  • Shimakaze: 6.5
  • Kleber: 7

5s reload is not an awful reload for 8 long range 130's.

Ricochet Angles (o) Potential/Guaranteed

  • Gearing: 45/60
  • Shimakaze: 45/60
  • Khabarovsk: 45/60
  • Kleber 45/60

Like all of the other destroyers currently available at LT, Khabarovsk has access to normal fuse times, normalization/ricochet values.

Muzzle Velocity

  • Shimakaze: 915m/s
  • Khabarovsk: 900m/s
  • Kleber: 840m/s
  • Gearing: 792m/s

900m/s is pretty spicy off the barrel, what're more, Khabarovsk has solid dispersion/sigma values (like every other destroyer) and this facilitates long range firing with ease. Khaba has flat arcs with a high velocity and low-er drag values which keep the shells moving.

As if that was not enough, Khaba also has fairly chunky shells at 33kg, meaning they don't bleed velocity due to inertia loss, and retain a fair amount of penetration on the receiving end. Keep in mind, we're talking about 130mm shells, which won't punch through a whole hell of a lot, but Khaba can be quite punchy.

Fuse Time (s)

  • Gearing: 0.01
  • Shimakaze: 0.01
  • Khabarovsk: 0.01
  • Kleber: 0.025

Khaba has access to the average shorter fuse found on destroyers. This allows her to take good bites out of her targets, if they are showing too much broadside, or expose accessory plating.

Shells per Minute

  • Gearing: 120
  • Khabarovsk: 96
  • Kleber: 69
  • Shimakaze: 55

Shells per Minute

  • Akizuki: 160
  • Friesland: 133
  • Gearing: 120
  • Fletcher: 100
  • Khabarovsk: 96
  • Lightning: 80
  • ZF-6: 75
  • Hsienyang: 73
  • Lo Yang: 73
  • Tashkent: 72
  • Kleber: 69
  • Shimakaze: 55
  • Kagero: 53
  • Le Fantasque: 50
  • Udaloi: 48
  • Z-23 15cm: 45
  • Paolo Emilio: 45
  • Yudachi: 44

While 96/min is not the best, it's far from weak and Khaba will generally out-gun most things she engages in her own class.

180o Turret Traverse (s)

  • Fletcher: 5.3
  • Lo Yang: 5.3
  • Hsienyang: 5.3
  • Gearing: 7
  • Friesland: 7.2
  • Lightning: 9
  • Udaloi: 9
  • Khabarovsk: 9
  • Kleber: 10
  • Akizuki: 11.3
  • Kagero: 15
  • Yudachi: 15
  • Le Fantasque: 18
  • Paolo Emilio: 18
  • Tashkent: 18.6
  • Z-23 15cm: 22.5
  • Shimakaze: 23

9s 180o time is quite workable. Khaba handles like a Chukotka (Large Siberian Moose), meaning she will not be able to out-turn her guns.

HE Alpha

  • Z-23 15cm: 2200
  • Yudachi: 2150
  • Le Fantasque: 2000
  • Kleber: 2000
  • Gearing: 2000
  • Paolo Emilio: 1950
  • Fletcher: 1900
  • Tashkent: 1900
  • Udaloi: 1900
  • Lo Yang: 1900
  • Hsienyang: 1900
  • Khabarovsk: 1900
  • Shimakaze: 1800
  • Kagero: 1800
  • Friesland: 1750
  • Lightning: 1700
  • ZF-6: 1450
  • Akizuki: 1200

Even for the slightly larger 130s, Khaba has average HE Alpha.

HE Broadside

  • Kleber: 16,000
  • Khabarovsk: 15,200
  • Gearing: 12,000
  • Shimakaze: 10,800

Because Khaba fires off a pair more rifles, she has a heavier broadside then Shima or Gearing. Kleber has a chunky bite, but a longer reload.

HE Damage per Minute

  • Gearing: 240,000
  • Friesland: 233,333
  • Akizuki: 192,000
  • Fletcher: 190,000
  • Khabarovsk: 182,400
  • Lo Yang: 138,182
  • Hsienyang: 138,182
  • Kleber: 137,143
  • Tashkent: 136,800
  • Lightning: 136,000
  • ZF-6: 108,750
  • Le Fantasque: 100,000
  • Shimakaze: 99,962
  • Z-23 15: 98,507
  • Kagero: 95,290
  • Yudachi: 94,853
  • Udaloi: 91,200
  • Paolo Emilio: 89,477

182k HE DPM is more than strong enough, espescially given that Khaba has fantastic gunnery and is capable of using those guns out to her max range.

HE Penetration (mm)

  • Kleber: 23
  • Gearing: 21
  • Shimakaze: 21
  • Khabarovsk: 21

HE Penetration (mm)

  • ZF-6: 32
  • Z-23 15cm: 25
  • Le Fantasque: 23
  • Kleber: 23
  • Paolo Emilio: 22
  • Yudachi: 21
  • Gearing: 21
  • Fletcher: 21
  • Khabarovsk: 21
  • Tashkent: 21
  • Udaloi: 21
  • Lo Yang: 21
  • Shimakaze: 21
  • Hsienyang: 21
  • Kagero: 21
  • Akizuki: 20
  • Lightning: 20
  • Friesland: 20

At 21mm, Khaba has access to the standard set of targets for her HE Penetration.

Fire Chance

  • Kleber: 10
  • Khabarovsk: 8
  • Shimakaze: 7
  • Gearing: 5

The cheeky part here, is that Khaba will actually outpace the other Destroyers in terms of fires/min, due to the higher fire chance and shell counts. Khaba is quite a fire-starter in certain builds.

AP Alpha

  • Z-23 15cm: 3700
  • Paolo Emilio: 3000
  • ZF-6: 2950
  • Le Fantasque: 2700
  • Kleber: 2700
  • Khabarovsk: 2600
  • Udaloi: 2600
  • Tashkent: 2500
  • Gearing: 2300
  • Shimakaze: 2200
  • Yudachi: 2200
  • Fletcher: 2200
  • Lo Yang: 2200
  • Hsienyang: 2200
  • Kagero: 2200
  • Lightning: 2200
  • Friesland: 2100
  • Akizuki: 1700

The true star of the show for Khabarovsk is her AP. It's well-rounded enough to be effective, while being punchy enough to be worthwhile. Khaba loves to sink her AP into exposed auxiliary/accessory plating.

AP Broadside Weight

  • Kleber: 21,600
  • Khabarovsk: 20,800
  • Gearing: 13,800
  • Shimakaze: 13,200

Kleber fires bigger guns, it's not a surprise she has a chunky broadside. It's more of a surprise that Khabarovsk is so close to Kleber.

AP Damage per Minute

  • Gearing: 276,000
  • Khabarovsk: 249,000
  • Kleber: 185,143
  • Shimakaze: 121,846

After all is said and done, Khaba has some juicy AP DPM. Gearing fires off a lot of shells, Khaba fires off with much more capable ballistics.

All-in-all, Khaba has good guns, that are quite capable. If anything, too capable in comparison to her competition. Kleber loses out on Km of Range in turn for Km of Concealment. Her gunnery is capable of working down any target she can reach or see.

Torpedo Alpha

  • Shimakaze: 23,767
  • Paolo Emilio: 23,767
  • Yudachi: 20,967
  • Kagero: 20,967
  • Akizuki: 20,967
  • Khabarovsk: 19,500
  • Kleber: 18,400
  • ZF-6: 18,400
  • Le Fantasque: 18,400
  • Gearing: 17,900
  • Hsienyang: 17,000
  • Fletcher: 16,633
  • Lightning: 15,533
  • Udaloi: 15,100
  • Tashkent: 14,400
  • Z-23 15cm: 14,400
  • Lo Yang: 11,600
  • Friesland: 0

19,5k is on par with her PC value, which, translated here is quite strong. While short of the Japanese Type-93 610mm Oxygen Torpedoes, these are quite capable.

Torpedo Range

  • Gearing: 16.5
  • Shimakaze: 11
  • Khabarovsk: 6
  • Kleber: 6

Torpedo Range:

  • Gearing: 16.5
  • Shimakaze: 11
  • Kagero: 10
  • Akizuki: 10
  • Lightning: 10
  • Yudachi: 10
  • Z-23 15cm: 9.5
  • Fletcher: 9.2
  • Lo Yang: 9.2
  • Hsienyang: 9
  • Le Fantasque: 8.3
  • Tashkent: 8
  • Udaloi: 8
  • ZF-6: 8
  • Kleber: 6
  • Paolo Emilio: 6
  • Khabarovsk: 6
  • Friesland: 0

6km for a torpedo range in the highest arena of play is laughable. Especially in a ship that is so laughably out-spotted as Khabarovsk, which leaves these weapons for close-range area denial, self-defense, or the classic vodka induced yolo.

Torpedo Damage per Minute

  • Kleber: 172,003
  • Shimakaze: 139,749
  • Khabarovsk: 117,000
  • Gearing: 77,205

Hilariously, firing just 10 torpedoes here even with a fairly shorter reload, make a modest mockery of her DPM values.

Torpedo Reload Time (s)

  • Shimakaze: 153
  • Gearing: 136
  • Khabarovsk: 100
  • Kleber: 77

100s isn't bad but coupled with the short range relegates her torpedoes most definitely to a secondary weapons system.

Torpedo Concealment (Km)

  • Khabarovsk: 0.6
  • Gearing: 1.4
  • Shimakaze: 1.7
  • Kleber: 1.8

Khaba essentially has DWT concealment without having DWTs, because..................reasons.

Torpedo Speed

  • Kleber: 75
  • Shimakaze: 67
  • Gearing: 66
  • Khabarovsk: 58

58-knot torps are not blindingly fast. Hilariously, Khaba has a +5-knot buff here over her other versions.

Torpedo Reaction Time (s)

  • Khabarovsk: 3.98
  • Gearing: 8.16
  • Kleber: 9.23
  • Shimakaze: 12

When you have hilariously well concealed torpedoes, you have hilariously low reaction time. So long as the target does not have sonar, and the torpedoes are well aimed, they will very often hit as the target will not have enough time to turn off. This makes these torpedoes a welcome tool against destroyers in the form of area denial, which keeps them at arm's length where Khaba can beat them down without them getting too close.

Khabarovsk has very ideal weapons systems for her playstyles and is more limited by her physical ships parameters than she is limited by her weaponry. She is not as flexible as many destroyers, but she is inarguably adept at knocking them out so long as she has the spotting.



In terms of a destroyer, Khabarovsk is probably as good as you'll get in terms of defense on an all-around package. I wouldn't call this package perfect, but I would say it can be very reliable. Let's start with the HP and work our way through.

Base HP

  • Khabarovsk: 22,500
  • Kleber: 21,900
  • Gearing: 19,400
  • Shimakaze: 17,900

22.5k HP is the highest in LT, and second only to Paolo which lacks a heal.

Stock Base HP

  • Paolo Emilio: 24,400
  • Khabarovsk: 22,500
  • Kleber: 21,900
  • Tashkent: 21,500
  • Akizuki: 20,400
  • Z-23: 19,500
  • Gearing: 19,400 (Stock)
  • Udaloi: 18,800
  • Le Fantasque: 18,500
  • Shimakaze: 17,900
  • Friesland: 17,600
  • ZF-6: 17,000
  • Fletcher: 16,700
  • Lo Yang: 16,100
  • Lightning: 15,900
  • Hsienyang: 15,500
  • Kagero: 15,100
  • Yudachi: 13,200

Effective Health Pool

  • Khabarovsk: 28,772
  • Gearing: 22,600
  • Kleber: 21,900
  • Shimakaze: 17,900

Khabarovsk has the ability to choose between a smoke generator or a repair party, while we'll disect the numbers more later, just realize that with that heal Khaba approaches 30k EHP stock which is knocking on the door of CL HP.

Effective Health Pool

  • Khabarovsk: 28,772
  • Tashkent: 27,500
  • Udaloi: 24,000
  • Kleber: 21,900
  • Gearing: 19,400
  • Shimakaze: 17,900

This is strong, to say the least, and will frequently keep Khaba in the fight.

Armor Profile

  • Khabarovsk: 19 plating, 25 deck, 50 cheeks, 50 belt.
  • Gearing: 19 plating, 21mm belt
  • Shimakaze: 19
  • Kleber: 19

Khaba has 50mm armor which can be very cheeky in the right situations, or completely arm large caliber AP in others. Technically this is a win as it will lead to frequent shatters against other destroyers but will also become a weakness if improperly angled.

In terms of mitigating damage, Khabarovsk is almost unique in her ability to shatter incoming fire or heal it back while among her class. She can equip smoke generator, has a brilliant top speed but horrid concealment and handling. Khabarovsk has access to a reliable Anti-Air Aura.

While there's a lot to love or hate about her defensively, the numbers certainly suggest she is far from weak, but has too many vulnerabilities to be considered great.

Anti-Air Suite


Khaba has reliable AA. While I'll stop short of saying it's truly good, Khaba has enough AA to bite back at the CV if they get too close. Unfortunately for Khabarovsk, the CV does not have to fly into your AA Aura to detect Khaba; and keeping Khaba consistently spotted allows her to be shot at. While Khaba can sort of tank some damage, this is not to be relied upon. Carriers are generally considered a vulnerability to Khabarovsk for their spotting alone.

Anti-Air Damage per Second

  • Gearing: 149
  • Khabarovsk: 130
  • Kleber: 102
  • Shimakaze: 72

Anti-Air Damage per Second

  • Friesland: 286
  • Akizuki: 158
  • Gearing: 149
  • Fletcher: 135
  • Khabarovsk: 130
  • ZF-6: 110
  • Kleber: 102
  • Tashkent: 86
  • Udaloi: 84
  • Lo Yang: 80
  • Lightning: 79
  • Hsienyang: 77
  • Z-23 15cm: 73
  • Shimakaze: 72
  • Le Fantasque: 68
  • Paolo Emilio: 63
  • Kagero: 36
  • Yudachi: 11

For consistent Destroyer AA, 130/s is good. The magic number here is about 150/s to make the CV regret coming into your aura. What's worse, Khaba is a large target with atrocious air concealment values which exceed her AA reach.

Anti-Air Range

  • Khabarovsk: 5.2
  • Gearing: 5
  • Shimakaze: 5
  • Kleber: 4.5



Khaba is fast, really fast. Otherwise, she handles like a very chunky destroyer.

Turn Radius (m)

  • Paolo Emilio: 810
  • Khabarovsk: 760
  • Kleber: 740
  • Akizuki: 730
  • Tashkent: 730
  • Le Fantasque: 690
  • Shimakaze: 690
  • Z-23: 680
  • ZF-6: 670
  • Kagero: 640
  • Gearing: 640
  • Friesland: 620
  • Udaloi: 610
  • Lightning: 590
  • Yudachi: 570
  • Lo Yang: 570
  • Fletcher: 560

760m is quite wide for a DD turn radius.

Rudder Shift (s)

  • Shimakaze: 3
  • Gearing: 3.3
  • Kleber: 4.8
  • Khabarovsk: 11.1

11.1s rudder shift is abysmal.

Base Top Speed

  • Kleber: 44
  • Khabarovsk: 43
  • Shimakaze: 39
  • Gearing: 36

However, some leeway is greatly given for Khabarovsk; she has a 43-knot top speed and access to an independently slotted speed boost as well. This gives Khaba a considerable edge in both map control and becoming difficult to target.

Base Top Speed

  • Kleber: 44
  • Paolo Emilio: 43.5
  • Khabarovsk: 43
  • Le Fantasque: 42.7
  • Tashkent: 42.5
  • Shimakaze: 39
  • Udaloi: 38
  • Lo Yang: 38
  • Hsienyang: 38
  • Z-23 15cm: 37
  • Fletcher: 36.5
  • Gearing: 36
  • Lightning: 36
  • Friesland: 36
  • Kagero: 35
  • Yudachi: 35
  • ZF-6: 35
  • Akizuki: 33

In what almost would have certainly been a horrible category, Khaba is redeemed by her impressive top speed, even if it is straight line. This category is a large reason why double rudder mod Khaba is a thing.



Brace yourselves.

Stock Concealment (Km)

  • Khabarovsk: 7.7
  • Gearing: 7.1
  • Kleber: 6.9
  • Shimakaze: 6.7

7.7km is awful, it's the worst of any destroyer, by a considerable margin. It's significantly better than her stock PC concealment of 10km, however.

Stock Concealment (Km)

  • Khabarovsk: 7.7
  • Tashkent: 7.6
  • Udaloi: 7.6
  • Gearing: 7.1
  • Paolo Emilio: 7
  • Fletcher: 7
  • Hsienyang: 7
  • Le Fantasque: 6.9
  • Kleber: 6.9
  • Lightning: 6.9
  • Friesland: 6.9
  • Akizuki: 6.8
  • Z-23 15cm: 6.8
  • Shimakaze: 6.7
  • Lo Yang: 6.6
  • Kagero: 6.6
  • ZF-6: 6.5
  • Yudachi: 6.3

Max Air Concealment (Km)

  • Khabarovsk: 3.3
  • Gearing: 3.0
  • Kleber: 2.7
  • Shimakaze: 2.6

While you can kit concealment on Khaba, you generally don't. Khaba is a liability in a cap and does not do well in central zones. This ship is absolutely a flank artist where she has room to run and let her speed shine.

Max Concealment (Km)

  • Khabarovsk: 5.7
  • Gearing: 5.2
  • Kleber: 5.0
  • Shimakaze: 4.8

Even maxed, Khaba's concealment is almost as wide as the cap circle and coupled with her horrid handling shy of her top speed, Khaba does not do well in very close-range fights. Khaba is profoundly weak to torpedoes and is woefully out-spotted.

Max Concealment (Km)

  • Khabarovsk: 5.7
  • Tashkent: 5.6
  • Udaloi: 5.6
  • Friesland: 5.3
  • Paolo Emilio: 5.2
  • Gearing: 5.2
  • Fletcher: 5.2
  • Lightning: 5.1
  • Le Fantasque: 5.0
  • Kleber: 5.0
  • Hsienyang: 5.0
  • ZF-6: 4.9
  • Z-23 15cm: 4.9
  • Akizuki: 4.9
  • Lo Yang: 4.9
  • Shimakaze: 4.8
  • Kagero: 4.8
  • Yudachi: 4.7

5.7km concealment is a pipe dream for Khaba, this is just not how she is built or run. As such, it's just worth pointing out how bad she is with this equipment, never mind how bad she is without.



Khaba has access to a good set of consumables.

  1. Damage Control Party
  2. Smoke Generator/Repair Party
  3. Speed Boost

Khaba has the average speed boost and smoke, with a choice of a pretty good heal in terms of a destroyer.

Speed Boost

  • Kleber: 20% boost, 120s duration. 180s reload x2
  • Gearing: 8% boost 120s duration. 180s reload x2
  • Shimakaze: 8% boost 120s duration. 180s reload x2
  • Khabarovsk: 8% boost 120s duration. 180s reload x2

Smoke Generator

  • Gearing: 28s duration with 124s dispersion. 240s reload x2
  • Shimakaze: 20s duration with 89s dispersion. 240s reload x2
  • Khabarovsk: 20s duration with 89s dispersion. 240s reload x2
  • Kleber: —

Repair Party

  • Khabarovsk: 112/s-28s. 80sr x2 (6,272)
  • Gearing: —
  • Shimakaze: —
  • Kleber: —

Main Battery Reload Booster

  • Gearing: —
  • Shimakaze: —
  • Khabarovsk: —
  • Kleber: -50% to reload,15s duration. 150s reload x1

Hydro-Acoustic Search

  • Gearing: —
  • Shimakaze: —
  • Khabarovsk: —
  • Kleber: —

Good, not great. The basic necessities without any extravagant extras.


There is no shortage of commanders in this section either. Khaba builds are quite common, and here I will focus on two main types of builds. Utility, which features concealment, and then Gun-boating which is quite obviously named.

Inspirations to consider:

  • Louis Violette: I Disappear (-25% DD Detectability after firing)
  • Decepticon Rumble: Robotic Breadth (+6% DD Gun Range)
  • Erich Bey: Shifty (-5% DD Concealment)
  • Blue Furiora: Ridin' On the Wind (+5% DD Speed)
  • Nobusada Sano: +2% DD Top Speed, Incoming Fire Dispersion

Vladimir Trubetskoy: The ONLY Khaba concealment build I'll generally run, plus he's free and is excellent at knocking down incoming damage. While Khaba is not nearly as concealed as she needs to be to hunt DDs, she gets RDF to help point them out, and is reliably well rounded. Pair with double concealment, Swirski and Bey and concealment mod 1 for this utility build.

  • The Battle Rages On: -8% Incoming Damage
  • Observant Rage: -8% DD Gun Reload, +15% Torp Detection, +10% Rudder Shift
  • Look At Me Now: -6% Concealment
  • Perceptive: -5% Incoming Damage, +5% Torp Detection, Direction of Closest Enemy
  • Cloudy Daze: -25% Boost Reload, -20% Smoke Dispersion/Deployment
  • Unstoppable: -15% Engine Repaid, Gain Mobility on Disabled Rudder/Engine

Anton Gurin: Gurin is the free version of the gunboat build, and he's quite a nice fit.

  • Stabber: +7% To AP Pen
  • Quick Fix: -8% Incoming Splash Damage, Gain Mobility on Disabled Engine/Rudder
  • Flank Speed: +7% DD Top Speed, +3% Rudder Shift
  • Perceptive: -5% Incoming Damage, +5% Torp Detection, Direction of Closest Enemy
  • Sidestep: +10% DD Gun Range, +5% Incoming Fire Dispersion, +10% Rudder Shift
  • Rather Be Torching: +3% Fire Chance, -7% HE Alpha

Sergio Splendento: Quite capable in terms of pairing. Follows the same logic as Anton Gurin.

  • Firm Hand: +2o/s Turret Traverse
  • Quick Fix: -8% Incoming Splash Damage, Gain Mobility on Disabled Engine/Rudder
  • Flank Speed: +7% DD Top Speed, +3% Rudder Shift
  • Perceptive: -5% Incoming Damage, +5% Torp Detection, Direction of Closest Enemy
  • Iron Shod: -80% Chance of Engine/Rudder Incapacitation
  • Rather Be Torching: +3% Fire Chance, -7% HE Alpha

Decepticon Rumble: Arguably the best commander for Khaba, due to his base inspiration. Can be flexible around specific builds, but captains should consider Violette and Bey for inspirations.

  • Robotic Breadth: +6% DD Gun Range
  • Quick Fix: -8% Incoming Splash Damage, Gain Mobility on Disabled Engine/Rudder
  • Flank Speed: +7% DD Top Speed, +3% Rudder Shift
  • Perceptive: -5% Incoming Damage, +5% Torp Detection, Direction of Closest Enemy
  • Sidestep: +10% DD Gun Range, +5% Incoming Fire Dispersion, +10% Rudder Shift
  • Rather Be Torching: +3% Fire Chance, -7% HE Alpha


  • Khabarovsk is a Legendary Tier Ship without any researchable upgrades.


Slot 1: Aiming Systems Mod 1

  • -7% to dispersion is the big winner here. Khabarovsk has snappy enough turrets.

Slot 2: Steering Gears Mod 2

  • -20% to Rudder Shift is the only real choice, this translates to about 2.5s.

Slot 3: Steering Gears Mod 3

  • -40s to rudder shift, -80% rudder repair time. There is really no other choice, this knocks out another 4.5-ish seconds.

Slot 4: Gun Fire Control System Mod 2

  • +5% to Gun Range to help Khaba be even more promiscuous with her guns.


  • Khabarovsk is not currently used in any Research Bureau Projects.



Khabarovsk is a ship in the midst of an identity crisis. However, this is a ship that loves to snipe out destroyers from out of harm's way. So long as she has a team-mate to spot for her or she is the smallest ship on the map, Khaba quickly becomes among the more influential due to incredible HP/EHP values and high speed. While in theory she is less adept then Kleber due to Kleber's concealment, Khabarovsk takes a more distanced approach. Khabarovsk is certainly tankier and more resilient than her main competitor Kleber and will readily prey upon them without the use of Kleber's precious speed boost/main battery reload booster.

Khaba is well rounded in the sense of her ability to influence the map and her surroundings given the proper approach is taken; with her gunnery range exceeding Radar range, Khaba is quite able to engage the larger contemporary cruisers designed to kill her. Keep in mind, this 50mm Belt will arm shells between 127-280mm, with 281+ generally needing 51mm+ to arm. This gives Khaba the unique advantage of being able to shatter most 152/203mm HE, and ricochet larger caliber AP caught off angle. Khaba's gunnery more than facilitates her ability to land shots on long range targets.

In a ship that chalks herself up to be less polarizing, more forgiving, more mainstream than her primary rival Kleber, arguably lacks as high an influence; though not by much.  Khabarovsk is a solidly good ship capable of dealing with a wide variety of situations, so long as she is not hopelessly out-spotted by her threats. Shimakaze may be considered an easy prey once her torpedo armament has been accounted for, without, has arguably one of the more effective counters to Khabarovsk. Khabarovsk has the moves to answer long range radar, but will generally be considered allergic to Carriers, and deathly allergic to torpedoes. Due to her wide turn radius, long rudder shift, and abysmal concealment, the dreaded spray and prey "wall of skill" will often decimate a Khabarovsk simply because she is patently unable to maneuver around them. Don't mistake my summary, Khaba can certainly have torpedo beats, but on the whole will be much more likely to eat one than dodge one, certainly in comparison to the other destroyers of her tier.

Khabarovsk, in terms of raising hell; is quite high on the list due to her DPM and gunnery. As a destroyer, questionable on the metric despite her apparent map dominance and flank control. Khaba is undoubtedly one of the few ships able to control a flank simply on her ability to annoy her opponents into submission. Though Khaba lacks her legendary mod PC reach of 15km+, she does quite well her pushing 13. Lacking Kleber's central dominance and fuckery, Shima's all-out torpedo broadside and Gearing's concealment, Khaba ranks in solidly on the number 2 slot behind Kleber, ahead of Shima and then Gearing; respectively. Khabarovsk unquestionably rings home the generalist capability to genuinely influence any match she is capable of confronting. She may not be the best in terms of damage, but she is an excellent all-around package which conveniently threads the line between classes.

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