VI Kidd
VI Kidd

A fletcher-class destroyer that has powerful anti-aircraft armament and a high speed. Over the course of 1944 and 1945, she was modernized to receive enchanced AA armament, due to demounting one of the two torpedo launchers.

Max Salvo
HE Alpha Strike
AP Alpha Strike
Fire/Salvo Chance
Torpedo Reaction Time


Hit Points
Torpedo Reduction


Torpedo Bombers
Cruise Speed
Max Speed
Attack Unit
Squadron Size
Detectability Range
Aircraft On Deck
Restoration Time
Torpedo Damage
Torpedo Speed
Torpedo Range
Dive Bombers
Cruise Speed
Max Speed
Attack Unit
Squadron Size
Detectability Range
Aircraft On Deck
Restoration Time
Bomb Damage
Bomb Fire Chance


Main Battery
Firing Range
Reload Time
180º Turn Time
HE Max Damage
HE Fire Chance
AP Max Damage
Reload Time
Max Damage
Detectability Range
Secondary Battery 1
Firing Range
Reload Time
Max Damage
HE Fire Chance
Secondary Battery 2
Firing Range
Reload Time
Max Damage
HE Fire Chance

Anti-Aircraft Armament

Set 1
Firing Range
Set 2
Firing Range
Set 3
Firing Range
Set 4
Firing Range


Max Speed
Turning Circle
Rudder Shift


Smoke Firing
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USS Kidd (DD-661): The Pirate of the Atlantic & Pacific

You'll will learn the art of escorting, team play, picking your targets and positioning if you are to master the likes of Kidd.

This review was written during v3.6. Kidd is currently and freely available in the shop for 15k dubloons. Kidd was one of the first American Destroyers, and Premiums available in the game. Kidd is a Fletcher Class Destroyer and has a sister, USS Fletcher a tier higher. Kidd features a gunnery focused playstyle with an emphasis on escorting prowess and area control. Kidd is a GREAT ship, and has a HIGH skill floor with a HIGH skill ceiling. Captains looking to capitalize with Kidd will look to compliment their gunnery skills on a versatile ship with outstanding DPM despite lackluster torpedo armament, Kidd absolutely dominates other destroyers and finds the solution for most situations. Kidd finds herself in somewhat of a different tier and grouping than other iterations of World of Warships. I didn't have to flex hard to get Kidd to respond, she's been one of the best destroyers in game for sometime, and despite this she is still generally uncommon.


USS Kidd (DD-661) was a Fletcher Class Destroyer for the United States Navy commissioned on April 23 1943 in Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. in Kearny, New Jersey. The ship was named after the late Rear-Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, who was the first United States Admiral ever killed in action. Admiral Isaac Kidd met his fate on December 7, 1941 aboard the bridge of his flagship, the USS Arizona (BB-39) in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. USS Kidd was sponsored by the widow of the late Rear-Admiral, Pam Kidd.

Admiral Kidd was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor, and his son, Isaac C Kidd Jr, also became an Admiral in the United States Navy and Commander in Chief of the Atlantic Fleet.

The Fletcher-Class was designed in 1939, succeeding the Somers and Porter Classes. The US Navy commissioned 175 Fletcher Class Destroyers and was generally considered to be a very successful design featuring 5 single mount 5''/38 guns in Mk. 30 turrets, and a pair of quintuple torpedo launchers centerline amidships. Later (1944-ish) in the war, to help fend off Airborne attacks, some Fletchers were modified by removing the torpedo launcher and adding Anti-Aircraft Armament. USS Kidd is one such aforementioned example. The Fletcher Class was then succeeded by the Gearing and Sumner Classes.

On her first voyage, from New Jersey to New York, the crew of USS Kidd flew the Jolly Roger on her foremast and quickly adopted the famous Age of Sail Pirate as their mascot which resulted in a painting of Captain William Kidd on the fore smokestack. Kidd thus became known as the "Pirate of the Atlantic & Pacific"

USS Kidd was one of the few ships to serve and survive in both the Atlantic and Pacific Theatres, though departing for the Pacific in August 1943. The ship saw action in several major battles including Gilbert Islands, Marianas, New Guinea, Marshall Islands, and Okinawa. Kidd was awarded several medals including 8 Stars from the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign. Commander Roby was awarded a Silver Star for commanding USS Kidd during a rescue of a downed pilot while successfully rescuing the pilots, shooting down and fending off the Japanese Aircraft.

USS Kidd still exists today as the only surviving United States Navy Destroyer in her World War 2 configuration, and is berthed along the Mississippi River, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


  • Versatile
  • Resilient
  • Great EHP
  • Great DPM
  • Good AA
  • Heal


  • Mediocre Concealment
  • Anemic Torpedo Broadside
  • Mediocre Handling
  • Short Torpedo Range
  • Low Muzzle Velocity

The Basics

USS Kidd tops several categories worthy of recognition and overall relevance. Kidd is somewhat tricky to play but is arguably one of the strongest ships in her class and tier, along with Yukikaze, Asashio, and Z-35. Kidd represents the more gun focused playstyle than the others, with her downright vicious DPM. A step apart from the likes of torpedo focused Yukikaze and Asashio, Kidd sports a fraction of their torpedo alpha strike potential and instead trades it for exceptional well-roundedness, versatility and resilience. Kidd’s gunnery is exceptionally reliable and will consistently bail captains out so long as Kidd is given the ability to heal or becomes too focused by opposing fire. Captains reading this review will come to see Kidd place average or better in most categories while doing quite well in many others. The United States Navy strategic creed rests upon being a Jack of All Trades; Master of None. Kidd is somewhat more polarized in her playstyle than most American ships will find, however she’s all the stronger for it. These past season of Arena Mode certainly cemented in my mind two things quite clearly; the first with Kidd is one of the strongest destroyers and the second being Duke of York as one of the strongest battleships. I’m not sold on cruisers yet and I’ve settled on a small select few and I’ll stop there and save that whole can of worms for their respective reviews.

Kidd sort of plays like a smaller, faster, and more fragile Atlanta, with much greater versatility save for the radar and hydro. Captains will have to learn the art of posting in optimal spots in or around caps that force cap contestants to contend with Kidd. Kidd lacks any defensive detection consumable like hydroacoustic search, and as such must be wary of when to entertain crucial advances and bullying tactics while enforcing her will on key areas.



Kidd is a straight up bully. No question. Her HE DPM is pretty much outrageous and her AP DPM is just absurd. When Kidd is able to AP penetrate particular armor, her damage output just becomes silly. Simply put. Kidd can shell out over 70k damage in theory in between most battleship reloads and we're just talking theoretical numbers. Kidd’s AP numbers are just ridiculous, captains, you will punish unsuspecting or otherwise vulnerable opponents of any class without hesitation. Kidd can both reliably citadel wonder-ships like Belfast, and will out-trade even the mighty RN CLs once Kidd manages to get close enough to poke some citadels and make her AP DPM count. Smart captain skills with high situational awareness and controlled aggression can make Kidd shine. Ok, ok, I’ll stop gushing over these beautiful guns and we’ll move along. There’s a lot to cover about the guns and the ballistics of her projectiles, nuances that are worth noting and some that are worth exploring. All in all, Kidd is fairly well rounded and is capable of taking on most threats.

HE DPM of Tier 6 Premium Destroyers:

  • Kidd: 154,286
  • Cossack: 136,000
  • Sims: 130,909
  • Orkan: 126,000
  • Hughes: 123,428
  • Le Terrible: 120,000
  • Z-35: 118,421
  • Leningrad: 114,000
  • Blyskawica: 109,846
  • Benham: 108,000
  • Yukikaze: 103,200
  • Ognevoi: 91,200
  • Kiev: 84,816
  • Asashio: 81,000
  • Z-39: 70,400

I’ll be honest. I’m very tempted to make an AP DPM chart just to show off Kidd’s prowess, but the reality is that destroyer AP is tricky to use in the sense that it will require a skill capacity beyond that of most average players. Destroyer AP DPM is extremely misleading, in the sense that most captains will struggle to capitalize on effective small caliber AP in appropriate situations. Most destroyers players simply just don’t fire AP at all, and aren't technically wrong for doing so.

Unlocking this skill set means learning armor nuances of your opponents and where you can sneak these little buggers in. Your AP pen is not great, but it’s enough, and most notable is that your AP penetration values and arming time exceeds the capacity to arm into most destroyers. However, armored flotilla leaders such as Paolo Emilio or Khabarovsk, where their armor belts are perfect for Kidd to sink her teeth into, and opposing captains in such situations must take extreme caution not to fall victim to your predatory DPM. Cruiser Lights like Belfast, Fiji, Shchors, dare not push too close otherwise risk following into a similar fate. Battleship extremity armor such as Scharnhorst’s 70mm nose or 25mm plating make for juicy such targets capable of bleeding significant amounts of HP. If Kidd is allowed to earn and punish your broadside, she will simply just bury most ships in short order, including even the most tanky of ships. Not unlike Atlanta, Kidd is an expert at exploiting over-extensions through critical positioning.

Kidd’s ballistics are very well rounded in a sense that they are adept at firing from cover. In this sense, Kidd’s ballistic arc compares well the the medieval era weapon, the trebuchet. This means two things; first that Kidd has atrocious AP pen at long ranges while sincerely preferring HE at range, and that Kidd prefers closer engagements on moving targets. Captains learning the fine balanced tactic of controlled aggression will certainly find both of these situations advantageous depending on the opponent and circumstances. The sheer volume of fire from Kidd's weaponry lends her to be an adequate fire starter.

Kidd also packs one final offensive trick up her sleeve, her torpedoes are individually the best on any of the T6 USN DDs, and are the shorter range version of Fletcher’s upgraded torpedo a tier higher. Kidd’s torpedoes individually and comparatively are in themselves quite mediocre, they are however very well concealed at 1.1km detection despite their 55knot speed. Kidd’s lazily floating sea mines are a wonderful exit strategy as a final say to those whom get too close. They are not per say offensive in any stretch of the imagination and are too short ranged to be used for even area denial. However, Kidd is quick enough, and tanky enough, to push in close to ensure each of her torpedoes counts and will frequently end most players game on the receiving end. Is she a yolo-artist? No. Situationally, Kidd can get uncomfortably close and your opponents will pay for it.



Defensively speaking Kidd is one of, if not the strongest in her tier and class. There’s a couple reasons for this, each worth discussing in various degrees of context. First, let’s start with the classic Base HP chart.

Base HP of Tier 6 Destroyer Premiums

  • Z-39: 19,600
  • Z-35: 19,100
  • Le Terrible: 18,600
  • Kidd: 16,400
  • Ognevoi: 16,100
  • Orkan: 15,700
  • Leningrad: 15,200
  • Yukikaze: 15,100
  • Asashio: 15,100
  • Blyskawica: 15,000
  • Cossack: 14,800
  • Benham: 14,500
  • Hughes: 14,300
  • Sims: 13,800
  • Kiev: 13,500

Kidd has an exquisite and delicious gotcha up her sleeve. She’s just slightly lagging behind heavyweights Le Terrible and the Zeds; with a heal that the others just don’t have. This in reality and in practice puts Kidd’s EHP in the low 21k region, further than the other gun heavy builds. Kidd does indeed tolerate additional skills towards her heal as well, which are worth covering; but I’ll save that debate for the commanders’ section. With my current build I crest out at a smooth 21k which is more than capable while staying competitive in other areas as well: follow the USN way of preparedness, adaptability and versatility.

Kidd’s Anti-Air Suite is quite stellar compared to her same tier and class competition. While this AA Suite won’t save you on its own, it’s good enough that it’s worth noting.

Furthermore, Kidd is also covered in 19mm plating and decking, where as the majority of her same tier compatriots are covered in 16mm plating which makes them vulnerable to most small caliber secondary battery (I.e: 100mm, 105mm) where Kidd is otherwise immune. It is important to note here, when calculating pen values for HE Small Caliber Shells, values do not round up. 19.5 means 19mm of pen which means 19mm of armor will shatter those rounds; where 18mm of armor will allow full penetrations. For simple calculation, the HE pen value must be greater than not equivalent to the Armor Value. This is important to note, because there are certain ships with base HE pen values which cannot pen Kidd, but will pen the 16mm found everywhere else. Consider that German 105mm secondary battery have 20mm of base HE pen, and will pen Kidd’s 19mm plating; where as Kii’s or Gascogne's 100mm secondary will not. There are a few other examples to watch for.

All of these factors combine to assert that defensively, even for a destroyer Kidd is quite well rounded and capable, and for these she earns her GOOD rating.

Anti-Air Suite


As of now, Kidd is the best Anti-Air you’ll see on any destroyer until likely the arrival of something better. Kidd’s anti air suite is quite strong in the sense that you can invest some energy into it and you’ll be rewarded. Though your DPS base is 157, with all the fixings you can bump that range out to over 7km and DPS around the 200 mark. This makes Kidd’s Anti Air quite formidable in the sense that she can still retain moderate surface and air concealment values. 4km of flight through the teeth of even lower AA values will ultimately wither down even stronger aircraft.

Stock AA DPS of Tier 6 Premium Destroyers

  • Kidd: 157
  • Z-39: 81
  • Z-35: 67
  • Sims: 65
  • Kiev: 59
  • Orkan: 53
  • Benham: 52
  • Ognevoi: 51
  • Leningrad: 44
  • Jervis: 39
  • Cossack: 37
  • Yukikaze: 36
  • Blyskawica: 36
  • Le Terrible: 19
  • Asashio: 10

When considering Anti Air Values it’s key to consider several things. Ship concealment, Anti Air Range and DPS, efficacy, and the opposing aircrafts flight speed. All of these values correlate to create something I’d like to call “effective anti air” as opposed to base anti air, this is the amount of the value that is actually useable in the defense of the ship. I remember writing something similar during the review for Kii and explaining her Anti Air, and Kidd’s is very much along the same lines, despite lower values, while having better concealment: Kidd sports among the best effective Anti-Air in her class in the sense that most of your AA is firing well beyond 3km when maxed. Though captain's should be warned, that in the current state of the game there is no way to disengage your Anti-Air which leaves you firing your AA to max range, making it amazingly easy to spot you.

Despite all that, Kidd’s maxed theoretical Anti-Air is quite strong but is not nearly as strong as it would need to be to wipe out an entire squad. A Kidd relying solely on her AA defenses will often take out about half the squad while being struck a pair of times. Maxed Anti-Air (this was fun, not going to lie….mwahahaha) when you’re not the immediate target often saw Kidd wiping out the whole squad.

As far as defenses go, Kidd’s Anti Air is GOOD but not great. There’s just not enough munitions going up into the sky to warrant such a rating. Compared to something like Asashio, Kidd is quite adept. Compared to a Missouri, there are several Kidds worth of AA on either side of even just a stock and unequipped Missouri. We're going to take a page from good ol' Albert Einstein here...everything is relative...but when you effectively double the closest value to the person next to you, that is either going to be really good, or really bad.



Kidd tends to lean on the slower and wider side of average. I mean, literally, just slightly. Kidd’s handling is on par for most destroyers and this means she handles quite well. There are some ships, like Sims which can seemingly spin on its own head, and others, like Blyskawica or Leningrad, which do not. Observe below.

Rudder Shift/Turning Radius of T6 Premium Destroyers

  • Blyskawica: 5.8/610
  • Ognevoi: 4.8/610
  • Kiev: 4.8/690
  • Z-35: 4.4/670
  • Le Terrible: 4.3/690
  • Z-39: 4.1/670
  • Kidd: 3.9/620
  • Leningrad: 3.7/690
  • Asashio: 3.6/640
  • Cossack: 3.6/610
  • Benham: 3.4/560
  • Orkan: 3.1/590
  • Sims: 3/500
  • Hughes: 2.7/570
  • Yukikaze: 2.7/640

Kit Base Top Speed of T6 Premium Destroyers

  • Leningrad: 46.9
  • Le Terrible: 45.6
  • Blyskawica: 40.2
  • Sims: 39.7
  • Cossack: 39.3
  • Kidd: 39.1
  • Asashio: 38.2
  • Yukikaze: 38.2
  • Ognevoi: 38.1
  • Benham: 38
  • Hughes: 38
  • Z-39: 37.1
  • Orkan: 36.0

Some more of the old smack dab in the middle. Kidd’s top speed is better then most while being worse than a select few. This relegates Kidd to the GOOD category largely owing to her average and seemingly unimpressive numbers. They are not quite uninspiring like Benham, but not so inspiring like some others. All in All, Kidd handles better than most gunboats, but her ballistics leave less than desired relegating her conflicts more mid-short range. Topping out at 42.3 knots kit with speed boost, Kidd is capable, but not glaringly strong. She leaned strongly enough on the above average line to warrant nudging her up just a smidge to GOOD.



This another area where the numbers frequently do the talking better than any well written analytical breakdown. Observe Below.

Maxed Concealment of T6 Premium Destroyers

  • Leningrad: 5.6
  • Kiev: 5.6
  • Sims: 5.3
  • Le Terrible: 5.2
  • Kidd: 5.2
  • Blyskawica: 5.2
  • Benham: 5.2
  • Ognevoi: 5.1
  • Orkan: 5.1
  • Hughes: 5.0
  • Z-39: 5.0
  • Cossack: 4.9
  • Z-35: 4.9
  • Yukikaze: 4.8
  • Asashio: 4.8

Kidd is neither so poorly concealed that she suffers horribly for it, but needs to be equipped for concealment to make adequate use of her torpedoes and area control capabilities. 5.2 isn't good, but, its also not awful either. For this she barely holds her AVERAGE rating. 400m is a narrow gap, but an expert can manage that gap and abuse you.



  1. Damage Control Party: lasts for 5s with a reload of 38s on unlimited charges. This is very average as far as destroyers go, there is slight variation between them; with these being fairly average.
  2. Smoke Generator: USN smoke is definitely the best smoke in many regards; longest deployment time, longest dispersion time, though it comes with a hefty reload time of 228s, captains can relish in the opportunity to relieve half of that reload time actively in their own smoke. With a dispersion time of just over 2 full minutes, USN smoke is capable, and works well for a number of uses including protecting your teammates.
  3. Repair Party: Kidd comes with the best heal of any destroyer currently in her tier. With a base regeneration of 81/s over 28s and a reload just over a minute at 76s, Kidd can heal back about 2.2k of health per charge and 4.5k including her second charge. This puts Kidd’s effective health pool at about 20,936, which is best in class.
  4. Speed Boost: Kidd’s speed boost seems almost to just hold average as well. Her numbers are quite standard, with the traditional 8% buff to speed over 2 minutes. The lack luster aspect comes from that long 3 minute reload. With speed boost active, Kidd tops out at 42.3 knots.

All in all, Kidd’s consumable load is strong, but not quite so strong as some others in the regards Kidd lacks both Defensive AA slotted separately (as she has elsewhere) and lacks any defensive consumable like Hydroacoustic Search or Radar. She's great because of her versatility and she easily mops other destroyers. Kidd's heal is great, and easily allows her to nudge into the GOOD category.



Vincent Mordoff. This is the only logical choice for super gun focused Kidd. Though there are several destroyer commanders with varying degrees of specialty or hybridized focus, though there is but the one true fit that lies with Mordoff, specifically the skill Sheltered Arms. Add inspirations from Swirski and Bey, and Kidd is ready to pop into any close range gunfight. Lets talk about Mordoff first, then touch back on why the other commanders just wont work, it'll make more sense that way.

First, the inspiration of Waste Not which buffs main battery reload (up to 6%) is the literal definition of a perfect base trait. Kidd's base DPM is absurd, anything improving this is a strong suit.

Next, Observant Rage again boosts your guns reload time. An added benefit of spotting torpedoes further out is a nice touch, Kidd handles well enough that the rudder shift penalty does not handicap her beyond reproach.

Mortar is almost a wasted skill in my opinion. I seldom use it. Adding a few hundred damage alpha per shell translates to better theoretical DPM, at the cost of worse concealment, and an inability to get to positions needed to use your gunnery more effectively. Kidd's shells get awful floaty after the 8-9km mark, meaning concealment is important, as it allows Kidd to get into and stay in fights where her gunnery can be at its most effective. Look At Me Now is the near obvious choice.

In the third skill slot, captains have a choice. Theoretically, Twist n Track, Perceptive are excellent skills, and A Thousand Cuts is a strong skill. A Thousand Cuts will buff your DPM, where TnT and Perceptive will allow for radio detection, which tells the direction of the closest ship. This skill is immensely important for destroyer hunting especially absent a hydroacoustic search consumable.

Finally, Sheltered Arms prevents incapacitation (knocked out) turrets and torpedo tubes, though they can still be destroyed: this skill is immensely important as it keeps your damage control party ready for true emergencies like stacked fires or floods, and is not spent just keeping your guns firing. With even one gun knocked out, Kidd quickly matches the DPM likes of Hughes, minus the torpedo loadout and as well quickly drains Kidd of her damage per minute advantages. The legendary skill Unstoppable brings a similar argument, however focuses on engines and rudder protections.

Now, for the other part of this debate.

  • Arleigh Burke: would probably be my second choice. Burke's skill tree has the right combination of skills that I'd like to see when talking about improving Kidd; which generally just involves pointing out the closest enemy, and buffing reload. Burke has the added bonus of Quick Fix in the first row which frees up the choice of Rather Be Torching which will greatly help nudge Kidd's fire-starting ability. Burke is also free, which makes him easy to acquire.
  • Albert Gleaves: Just "no" on so many levels. Save Gleaves for a ship with actual torpedoes, like Benham.
  • William Halsey: Is arguably another solid choice. Im going to place him third, mainly because he does not have as useful an inspiration as Burke or Mordoff, but has a good loadout of skills. Dont be silly though, buffing AP pen on a 5'' gun is not a monstrous increase. Consider, on the scale of naval armament, its like buffing BB Gun penetration. You might be able to get through some thicker tin cans, and maybe a glass bottle, but your not going to be dropping any bears.
  • Bumblebee: Falls in with vaguely the same skill tree as the others, with a fourth row slot buffing handling during smoke deployment. I wont chalk up Bumblebee's inspiration to be useless, but there are certainly things I'd rather increase before engine boost time.
  • George Dewey: I guess Dewey sort of works here, but I can't say that I'm overly fond of the skill choices for use in a gunboat. Will to Rebuild is there, so I guess that's something.

Kidd's captain choices are quite wide from free to rare and sought after. Kidd holds a good rating because the DPM build here does cover enough of the bases to be used on most of the other USN DD's, save for the exceptions.


  • Kidd is a premium ship and does not have any researchable upgrades


Slot 1: Aiming Systems Mod 1

  • There are a couple choices, AA Guns Mod 1, or Aiming Systems. You’re not wrong for taking either but your stock AA DPS is 150 not 400. Even while buffed is still less than 200 DPS and will only knock down a few planes, but will not stop a strike. Main Battery Mod 1 nerfs your DPM, and Kidd’s turrets are already quite snappy, keeping your guns on target is not the issue.

Slot 2: Propulsion Mod 2

  • This modification is slightly more up to the choice of the captain with the exception of Damage Control Systems. Technically speaking, Kidd’s handling is on the slightly better side of average. Like most Destroyers, your battle will often come down several hundred meters and quite frankly, your 0-20 knot acceleration time is more important than top speed or buffing Kidd’s traverse to good territory. That’s my argument, I’m sticking to it. Feel free to choose differently, but the only wrong choice is Damage Control Systems. If you need that damage control module, you’re probably really doing it wrong.

Slot 3: Concealment Mod 1

  • The argument is really straight-forward here. Kidd’s concealment is not great enough to be invisible but building into her conceal-ability certainly plays into her versatility. Straight gunboat builds will suffer in the sense of skipping out of concealment. Kidd’s 5.2 is a blessing and allows her to get within 400m of those teeny tiny torpedo launching pests Kidd is so adept at sinking. Keep in mind, most cap circles are about 6km so keeping your concealment <6km gives Kidd access to early game cap contests.


  • Gearing Project
  • Khabarovsk Project



Kidd is strong. Perhaps deceptively strong, but certainly not overpowered. Kidd captains will have their work cut out for them when engaging larger forces, but it can be done and can be overcome. Kidd is a worthwhile addition to most ports, and is arguably one of the stronger destroyers in her tier. Tier 6 Destroyers represent a class and tier ripe with flavor and variety to explore with many different playstyles worth while to learn. Kidd's style follows those found in more light cruiser gameplay with an added panache of destroyer versatility.

Captains will learn the art of escorting, team play, picking your targets and positioning if they are to master the likes of Kidd. Smart engagements capitalizing on "bursts" of damage on distracted targets, and unlocking the hidden potential of that wonderful AP/HE DPM. Kidd is a heavyweight for her tier, and she's more than capable of gunning down her opposing destroyers. Her true talent lies in her capabilities of cashing in on those odd exchanges with far larger targets. Finally, given Kidd's DPM that translates into raw damage potential towards any class, specifically destroyers, Kidd edges out of GOOD and hinges on GREAT with her ability to enforce her will on most situations and in most battles. Many will struggle, however Kidd simply has access to too much raw power to sit anywhere lower and is an excellent hard counter to the likes of those super hidden nasty torpedo boats. She's a different kind of balanced in terms of forgiveness than the likes of Jervis, Z-35, or Yukikaze and Asashio.

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