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The British Battleship Duncan: An Unfulfilled Promise

The inspiration for Duncan in the naval combat game, World of Warships, traces back to the dynamic era of naval innovation during the early 1920s. This potent yet ephemeral ship - a testament to rapid changing tides in naval warfare - remained a blueprint under British Admiralty's project G3.

The Genesis of Project G3

Originating as a further development of the 1920 battlecruiser, Duncan - christened under project G3 - championed a distinct character. Modifying from its predecessor, Duncan deviated by featuring a smaller gun caliber of 419 mm, shorter length, and smaller displacement. A responsive reaction to rapidly evolving warfare strategies.

Redesign for Fortitude

A major redesign in early 1921 redefined the ship's outline. Notably, the project sought to bolster its armor, at the cost of its speed and main caliber characteristics. Project G3's intermediate blueprint stages presented Duncan as a sturdier, resilient contender on the tumultuous waters, though at a significant compromise on agility and firepower.

The Squandered Perspectives

In October 1921, the British Admiralty approved the construction of four ships under project G3. However, this ambitious endeavor experienced an untimely halt, triggered by the commencement of the Washington Naval Conference.

The Washington Naval Conference, a significant moment in naval history, aimed to prevent a destructive arms race post-World War I. As major nations convened to limit naval armament, Duncan's birth was abruptly intercepted.

The Duncan That Never Sailed

Following the decisions made at the Conference, the construction order was officially canceled. Duncan, a symbol of naval evolution and power projection, wasn't intended to grace the open seas. A significant twist in naval architecture, that sought to balance offense, defense, and speed, remained a remarkable paper design.

Every engagement with the Duncan in World of Warships, therefore, offers a fascinating "what if" scenario. Here is an opportunity to test the might and strategy of a historic blueprint ship - a remarkable dream that was born, but never set sail.

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