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Des Moines from World Of Warships: Legends

Introduction to the American Cruiser Des Moines

The Des Moines, touted as one of the premier heavy cruisers, holds a unique place in naval history. Industry leaders conceived it to leverage the extensive knowledge accumulated during World War II. With a special emphasis on robust protection and highly potent Anti-aircraft (AA) armament, this ship wears a fair share of innovations on its planks.

Auto-Loading Main Guns

What sets the Des Moines class apart from its contemporaries is the innovative feature of auto-loading main guns. These armaments served as the ship's selling point and distinguished feature, liberating the need of manual labor that other ships demanded. This automation resulted in a significantly higher rate of fire – a game-changing advantage, particularly in high-stake naval battles. The fast-firing, long-range 8" guns that were featured on Des Moines-class cruisers were the first of their kind to be driven by an auto-loading mechanism.

Protection and Armament

Reflective of the lessons learned from World War II, the design and engineering behind the Des Moines focused on marrying formidable protection with an imposing offensive capability. With enhanced protection, Des Moines was a formidable defensive vessel, designed to withstand the harshest of battles.

Complementing its impressive defences was its powerful AA armament, which fulfilled an essential requirement of the post-World-War-II period – air defense. The ship's 3"/50 caliber anti-aircraft guns were considered among the most potent AA weapons of the time, and the Des Moines' deployment marked one of the first times they were positioned aboard a U.S. Navy cruiser.

Historical Context

While the Des Moines never saw actual combat during its service, it played important roles during the Cold War era. This included acting as a show of force during the Vietnam and Cuban Missile Crisis. The design poured into the Des Moines was pivotal in creating subsequent ship designs, effectively shaping the future of naval engineering and technology.

The American Cruiser Des Moines represents an invaluable fusion of history and innovation. By iterating on the vital lessons of World War II and spearheading technological advancements in armaments and protection, it stands as a remarkable symbol of naval engineering.

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