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The British Battleship: Monarch

The Monarch battleship may be a figure of imagination for the World of Warships gaming world, but her roots are firmly entrenched in the history of British naval warfare. She represents one of the preliminary designs for the King George V-class ships, showcasing features characteristic of a next-generation battleship.

Design and Armament

Monarch gives players a glimpse into what could have been. Armed with heavy 381 mm main battery guns, she presents a formidable force on the virtual seas. The design included elements that foresaw the evolution of battleship concepts. The first of these was relatively high speed, a feature that would become increasingly important in later designs to outmanoeuvre opponents and retreat from disadvantageous conditions.

The Monarch also exhibited thick horizontal armor, crucial for warding off air attacks––a growing concern as aircraft became frequent participants in naval battles from the early 20th century onward. In terms of artillery, the initial plans for Monarch envisioned her outfitted with dual-purpose artillery—a strategic feature allowing for both anti-ship and anti-aircraft operations, further evidence of anticipated changes in naval warfare dynamics.

Historical Context

The idea of the King George V-class battleship from which Monarch descended was a direct result of the London Naval Treaty of 1936. Britain was in an arms race at sea with countries including Germany and Italy. The Monarch represented a time when British naval architects were pushing boundaries of warship design to create vessels capable of meeting escalating threats.

While the Monarch herself may never have graced the ocean's waves, she encapsulates the spirit of innovation and determination which marked this pivotal time in naval history. Indeed, studying her brings into sharp focus the trials, considerations, and sheer inventiveness of those tasked with ensuring Britain's seafaring supremacy. Playing as the Monarch allows gamers to engage with a key piece of naval heritage and grapple with the challenges faced by the British navy during this period.

In the Game

In World of Warships, the Monarch continues to bring a powerful presence to the seas. Her impressive firepower, speed, and armor enable gamers to strategize their moves––mirroring historical wartime decisions. From warding off enemy ships to launching robust counterattacks, the Monarch's strong design and versatile artillery capture the perfect balance between offensive and defensive tactics—one of the most critical aspects of successful naval warfare employed by the King George V class and beyond.

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