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Massachusetts (BB-59)

The American Battleship Massachusetts was a revered South Dakota-class battleship, intelligently designed under the restrictions of the naval treaty. The ship stood as a testament of engineering excellence and naval warfare strategy, boasting harmonized attributes of armament, speed, and armor protection. As World War II concluded, it evolved into a formidable machine armed with a notably powerful Anti-Aircraft (AA) defense system.

Historical Background

Commissioned in 1942, the Massachusetts saw action in both European and Pacific fronts of World War II. The ship's notable service span involved leading a sea assault on the French port of Casablanca during Operation Torch. The Massachusetts also played a vital role in the Gilbert and Marshall Islands campaigns, supporting American invasions with her powerful 16-inch guns.

Design and Engineering


The Massachusetts was armed with a main battery of nine 16-inch (406 mm) guns in three triple turrets, a firepower that could deliver a significant punch while achieving optimal range. In addition, the secondary battery comprised twenty 5-inch (127 mm) guns placed in ten twin turrets, providing a robust defense against destroyers and aircraft.


In terms of speed, the Massachusetts was a marvel of naval architecture. Its four Westinghouse geared steam turbines delivered 130,000 shaft horsepower, propelling the ship to a top speed of about 27 knots. This made it one of the fastest battleships of its era, allowing the Massachusetts to respond flexibly in changing battle conditions.


Understanding the need for survival in brutal naval warfare, the designers equipped the Massachusetts with formidable armor protection. The main belt was 12.2 inches thick, while the main armor deck ranged from 5.5 to 6 inches, adequately protecting the ship's vitals from enemy fire.

Anti-Aircraft Defense

As World War II drew to a close, aerial attacks from axis powers became a significant threat to allied naval fleets. The Massachusetts adapted to this new warfare dimension with an upgraded AA defense. The ship boasted a staggering number of forty 40 mm Bofors guns and fifty 20 mm Oerlikon cannons, earning itself a reputation as a floating fortress against aircraft.


The American Battleship Massachusetts embodied the spirit of human resilience and engineering brilliance. Despite the design constraints placed by treaty limitations, it emerged as a resilient naval vessel that played an instrumental role in the Allied war effort. Ultimately, the Massachusetts represents not just a battleship, but a chapter in human history where lessons were learned, boundaries were pushed, and heroes were born.

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