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The U.S.S. Arizona: America’s Gallant Guardian

The U.S.S. Arizona, an illustrious example of a U.S. Navy battleship, holds a distinct place in naval history. Born from the conventional layout of two turrets forward and two aft, the Arizona was the epitome of seaborne might in the late 1910s.

Design & Armament

Accommodating for the "all or nothing" concept in her design, the Arizona was meticulously built to engage adversaries from long range. Her main armament was a formidable suite of twelve 14-inch (360 mm) guns in triple gun turrets, a feature that would become standard for American battleships starting with her class.

Torpedo Protection & Maneuverability

By the onset of World War II, the ship had undergone significant enhancements, receiving a more robust torpedo protection system. This precaution was a reflection of the emergence of torpedo technology that had posed threats to colossal naval ships. However, this modification slightly hampered her maneuverability, a setback offset by the resultant fortified defenses.

A Glimpse into History

Named after the 48th state's recent admission into the Union, the U.S.S. Arizona was more than just another battleship; she was a symbol of American pride and power. Commissioned during World War I, she missed active duty in that conflict but served as a training ship throughout the 1920s, preparing generations of sailors for service at sea.

The Fate of the Arizona

The Arizona is perhaps most famously known for her tragic fate on December 7, 1941, during the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. The ship took multiple hits from Japanese bombers, one of which struck her forward ammunition magazines leading to catastrophic explosions. The sinking of the Arizona claimed the lives of 1,177 crewmen, marking the greatest loss of life on any U.S. warship in American naval history.


Today, the U.S.S. Arizona resides as a submerged relic, anchored at the seafloor of Pearl Harbor. Her sunken remnants serve as a poignant reminder of the brave men who served aboard her. Her hallowed wreckage, now a prominent war memorial, brings to light not just the ruthless realities of conflict, but also the resolve and resilience of a nation during times of adversarial trials.

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