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USS Wyoming: First Generation Naval Masterpiece

The USS Wyoming, as a first generation battleship, forms an integral piece of both American naval history and the expansive roster of combat vessels in World of Warships. Representing a step forward in naval warfare design and technology, the Wyoming witnessed some of the earliest adaptations in ship weaponry and propulsion systems.

Exceptional Design and Artillery

The Wyoming was a note of distinction in its era, deviating from the design of earlier battleships. It was equipped with a significant number of main battery guns, which notably outstripped those of her predecessors in terms of firing range.

One of the most notable features of Wyoming was its adherence to safety and efficiency practice. Attention was paid to the ship's structural integrity - enhanced armor protection was provided to maintain battleship stability under heavy fire. This is one of the factors that accounted for Wyoming's reputation as a reliably well-balanced ship during its time.

Progressive Propulsion System

What further set the Wyoming apart was its propulsion system. Featuring the then modernized turbine-driven propulsion, this battleship exhibited a generous turn of speed. This was quite impressive for a dreadnought class vessel, which were typically not renowned for their speed. The incorporation of the turbine-driven propulsion greatly enhanced Wyoming's combat utility, enabling the vessel to navigate swiftly across the seas while maintaining considerable firepower, a feat not easily matched by many of her contemporaries.


Despite her age, the USS Wyoming left a marked impression on the trajectory of naval warfare design, setting a new reference point for battleships of her time. Her innovative designs and features not only set her apart from her predecessors, but also paved the way for the evolution of future naval vessels. In the World of Warships game, she forms a formidable opponent, reminding players of the intricate linkages between naval history, battleship design, and naval combat strategy.

As you command the Wyoming in World of Warships, remember you are not just piloting a ship, but you are taking a journey into the heart of early 20th Century naval warfare, controlling a vessel that marked a new era in battleship technology.

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