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Arkansas from World Of Warships: Legends

American Battleship Arkansas: A Dreadnought of Destiny

Brief Introduction

The American Battleship Arkansas is a noteworthy example of the dreadnought lineage that powered the United States Navy in the first half of the 20th century. Despite her imagined past, the Arkansas gives us an interesting window into naval history replete with innovations in armor technology and naval combat strategies in its conceptualization.

Armor and Armament

Typical of her class, the Arkansas proposed an interesting balance of credible armor, capable firepower, and measured performance. The ship's armor was thoughtfully designed to withstand enemy munitions, yet allowed it enough flexibility to maintain significant speed in the water. Her hull, heavily armored and in perfect symbiosis with her superstructure, improves the chances of survival even in the most challenging naval engagements.

In terms of armament, it was perceived as exceptional for the time. The Arkansas came equipped with a selection of the era's most advanced weapons. It consisted of the combination of main artillery guns and secondary artillery, providing a well-rounded offensive capability.

Performance Characteristics

The Arkansas was imagined to have balanced performance, a consistent characteristic of dreadnought-era U.S. Navy battleships. Her speed and maneuverability were found to be poignant despite her bulky build, ensuring her efficacy in fast-paced naval warfare. Furthermore, the Arkansas was envisaged to have a commendable operational range, amplifying her sustainability in prolonged battles and far-off operations.

Vulnerability to Air Strikes

Although equipped with substantial assets, the Arkansas had a considerable weakness: a complete absence of anti-aircraft (AA) defenses. This vulnerability left her susceptible to air strikes, a significant threat in World War II's naval confrontations. The lack of AA defenses would have posed a severe tactical disadvantage against enemy carriers, especially given the increasingly predominant role air power took in the latter stages of the naval battles of this era.


In essence, the fictional Battleship Arkansas represents a fascinating fusion of potential strengths and weaknesses found within the U.S. Navy's real historical dreadnought class. She serves not only as a formidable battleship concept for the game World of Warships, but also as an imaginative exploration into naval history itself. Even as a conceptual entity, the Arkansas elicits reflection on the significance of balanced design and reveals important lessons about the evolution of warfare and technological development throughout the naval history.

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