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Introduction to the Benson Class Destroyer

The Benson-class destroyers were a series of 30 naval ships built for the United States Navy during World War II. They were designed in the late 1930s and were a significant step forward in destroyer design for the US Navy. These vessels served with distinction in various theaters of the war and were crucial in escort duties, antisubmarine warfare, and naval gunfire support.

Design and Armament

General Characteristics

The USS Benson, lead ship of her class, presented a larger silhouette than the preceding Sims-class destroyers. This increase in size allowed for a more substantial power plant and greater fuel capacity, which in turn provided a higher sustained speed and longer range, key attributes for operations across the vast Pacific and Atlantic theaters.


The Benson-class were notably advanced in their artillery armaments. The class featured five 5-inch/38 caliber dual-purpose guns, capable of engaging both sea and air targets. These guns were mounted in a more efficient layout with two forward and three aft, allowing for a robust forward firing arc. The Benson was among the early U.S. destroyers to incorporate such efficient mounts, significantly improving their firepower and operational flexibility.

Torpedo Armament

One of the most significant advancements in the Benson-class was the introduction of quintuple torpedo launchers. This novel arrangement meant that the Benson could unleash a formidable spread of torpedoes at any given target. The ship carried ten torpedo tubes in total, arrayed in two sets of five on the port and starboard sides, allowing for a heavy salvo capable of threatening larger enemy vessels.

Anti-Air and Anti-Submarine

As the war progressed, the threat from aircraft and submarines grew, which led to updates in these areas. The Benson-class was eventually fitted with additional 20mm and 40mm anti-aircraft guns to cope with the increased air threat. For anti-submarine warfare, the ship was equipped with depth charge racks at the stern and sonar systems, which became vital in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Operational History

The USS Benson and her sister ships' operational histories were marked by their versatility and adaptability to different roles during World War II. They were engaged in escort missions for convoys crossing the Atlantic, subjected to the rigors of the Pacific Theater, and played a supporting role during landings such as those in the North African campaign and on D-Day. Their adaptability earned them numerous battle stars for their service.

Convoys and Battle Stars

In anti-submarine roles, the Bensons protected countless convoys from the U-boat menace, preserving vital supply lines to the European and Pacific fronts. They earned accolades for their engagement in major naval battles and for their relentless escort duties, with several of the class being awarded multiple battle stars for their service.


The Benson-class destroyers were decommissioned after the end of World War II, but their impact on naval design persisted. They influenced later destroyer classes notably through their improved living conditions, armament arrangements, and propulsion systems. The USS Benson and her sister ships set a precedent for the multifaceted destroyer roles of the mid-20th century, blending speed, power, and versatility into a single, effective vessel that served the United States Navy with distinction.

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