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The Charles F. Hughes represents a notable example of the United States Navy's Benson-class destroyers, a group characterized by a combination of speed, armament, and versatility that proved to be a critical asset during World War II. Commissioned towards the final stretch of 1940, she arrived at a moment when the conflict in Europe was escalating, and the need for effective escort vessels was at a premium.

Design and Armament

Like her sister ships in the Benson-class, the Charles F. Hughes was designed to ensure a balance between firepower, speed, and operational range. Typically, vessels of this class were armed with robust anti-aircraft guns, torpedoes, and depth charges, making them versatile opponents against both surface and aerial threats as well as formidable hunters of submarines.

Operational History

Escort Duties in the Atlantic

In her initial assignment, Charles Hughes was thrust into a vital role, escorting convoys across the perilous waters of the North Atlantic. These convoys were essential lifelines, ferrying troops, weapons, and supplies to the Allied forces in Europe. The threat of German U-boats was omnipresent, and the Charles Hughes, along with other ships in her class, provided a critical shield for these convoys against the lurking dangers beneath the waves.

Mediterranean Operations

The Charles Hughes did not remain confined to the North Atlantic but saw significant action in the Mediterranean Sea. As the Allies fought to gain a foothold in Europe, the Mediterranean became a pivotal arena for naval operations. The ship's involvement included providing naval gunfire support during the invasions of Italy and Southern France. In these operations, her guns served not just as defensive weapons, but also as crucial offensive tools to assist the land-based Allied forces.

The Invasion of Italy

During the invasion of Italy, specifically the operations around the landing at Salerno, the Charles Hughes played her part in softening enemy defenses and providing cover for the troops storming the beaches. This operation marked a significant turn in the Mediterranean campaign, and the fire support from Benson-class destroyers like the Charles Hughes was integral to its success.

The Invasion of Southern France

A similar role was reprised during the invasion of Southern France, Operation Dragoon, where Charles Hughes again provided fire support. This lesser-known but vital operation further weakened German positions in Europe, facilitating the advance of allied forces into occupied territories and hastening the liberation of France.


The service of Charles F. Hughes exemplified the crucial but often underappreciated role destroyers played in World War II. From escorting convoys to providing direct support for amphibious operations, ships like the Charles Hughes were instrumental in securing Allied naval supremacy and paving the way for victory in the European theater. The legacy of the Benson-class destroyers endures as a testament to the ingenuity and daring of the United States Navy during a time when the outcome of World War II hung in the balance.

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