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The British Battleship: Resistance


The British Battleship Resistance is a conceptual battleship which draws upon historical framework of warships during World War I. Although no official documents authenticate Resistance's existence, the lore around its design stems from the Renown-class battlecruisers: Renown and Repulse. Had the plans for Resistance materialized, it would have become the third member of this decorated class.

Construction and Design

During the World War I era, the British Navy faced a series of setbacks that hampered the accelerated construction of new ships. Shortages of resources, coupled with instability on several fronts, led to a strategic slowdown in battleship construction. Some of these pending orders were indeed cancelled, drastically stalling the growth of the British naval fleet. In this scenario, certain salvageable ship designs were repurposed into battlecruisers, a strategic move that salvaged two vital vessels for the British Navy: Renown and Repulse. A third ship that hypothetically would have joined this class was the Resistance.

The Resistance was presumably designed to reflect the distinctive characteristics of the Renown-class battlecruisers. These warships were renowned for their superior speed, formidable firepower, and noteworthy armor improvements over the previous Revenge-class battleships. Though not entirely invincible, these characteristics gave Renown and Repulse a formidable presence in the theater of war. Resistance, if brought to life, would have carried a similar legacy.

Operational History

While this fictional battleship doesn't have an operational history of its own, its class mates – Renown and Repulse – participated in significant events during maritime combat history. Renown saw action in several theaters during World War II, from the pursuit of the German battleship Admiral Graf Spee in the South Atlantic to providing crucial support during the D-Day invasion. Repulse, on the other hand, served with veneration in World War I and II before tragically being sunk by the Japanese in the South China Sea during the early stages of the Pacific War.

Drawing from their documented histories, it's reasonable to surmise that Resistance, bearing the same design and capabilities, would have shared similar fate and glory in these pivotal naval war scenarios.


Despite not being an official member of the British Navy, Resistance enjoys an intriguing spot in the world of naval lore. Its legend is intertwined with that of Renown and Repulse, two formidable battlecruisers that left an indelible mark on British naval history. Resistance stands as a symbol of what might have been - a ship that could have joined the ranks of the most storied battleships of all time. It also represents the resilience of the British Royal Navy, adapting to challenges and making the best of difficult circumstances during World War I.

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