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Introduction to the Gearing Class

The Gearing class destroyers were among the final expressions of the United States Navy's destroyer design philosophy during World War II. They evolved from the highly successful Fletcher-class and served as a formidable presence in the U.S. Navy's surface fleet.

Development and Design Features

Historical Context

Developed from the renowned Fletcher class, which served as the workhorse of the U.S. Navy's destroyer fleet during World War II, the Gearing-class represented an advancement in naval engineering and firepower. As the conflict progressed, naval engagements highlighted the need for more extended range and enhanced anti-aircraft capabilities, leading to the birth of the Gearing design.

Design and Construction

The Gearing-class destroyers were the largest such vessels constructed by the United States Navy during the Second World War. Measuring over 390 feet in length and displacing approximately 3,460 tons when fully loaded, they boasted an extended hull compared to their Fletcher-class predecessors. This modification allowed for additional fuel storage, thereby increasing their operational range, an essential attribute for Pacific Theater operations.

Armament and Firepower

Main Battery

The ship class carried an impressive main battery consisting of three dual-purpose (anti-surface and anti-air) 5-inch/38 caliber twin gun mounts. These guns were known for their exceptional rate of fire and accuracy, which made them lethal against both surface and aerial threats.

Antiaircraft Defense

In terms of anti-aircraft defense, the Gearing class was outfitted with numerous automatic 40mm and 20mm AA guns. This multilayered AA suite provided a comprehensive bubble of protection against enemy aircraft, ensuring that the destroyers could adequately defend both themselves and the fleet they escorted.

Service and Legacy

World War II and Beyond

The lead ship, USS Gearing (DD-710), was commissioned too late to see action in World War II but quickly became a part of the Cold War fleet. The entire class served in the post-war years, with several ships participating in the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and various other conflicts, adapting to the changing nature of naval warfare.

Modernization Programs

Several of the Gearing-class destroyers underwent modernization programs during the 1960s, including the Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization (FRAM) refurbishments. These updates extended their service life by upgrading electronics, anti-submarine weaponry, and improving their habitability.


Despite the advent of more advanced destroyer designs in the post-war years, the Gearing-class ships remained a critical component of the U.S. Navy for decades. Their superior firepower, coupled with extended operational range and robust AA defenses, marked them as pivotal assets during a significant transitional period in naval warfare. The legacy of the Gearing-class destroyers is one of endurance, versatility, and a testament to the ingenuity of mid-20th-century naval engineering.

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